Power of Pearl, The Movie

Copies! That's great; I've been afraid to go further than the title page, for fear I'd go over my plan alottment. Will you post how to get copies when they're ready?
It's a movie, not a book. I'm not sure when they will finish it though. We made one on short video on Tahiti that is ready. We are getting copies made now.

Oh, sorry, I wasn't specific enough; I was referring to this:

"All donations of $500 or more will receive a Beautiful coffee table art book chronicling the start to finish of the film, the exotic locations, the beautiful gems and the people that help produce them. this can be displayed in your home, office or store."
I have not seen this movie, Jeremy can you suggest how I can purchase or watch?
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It looks like it will be wonderful! I hope we all will have the opportunity to see it?
The Tahitian pearl one should be ready in about a week. Everyone here will be welcome to a copy. We are going to be sending it out with all Tahitian pearl orders when it's ready too.

Sounds great, can’t wait to get a copy!
This is an older thread from 2012. The Tahitian pearl DVD was sent out with orders back then; I received one with an order.

The Power of Pearl movie was screened at the Ruckus last year but I don't know of its being available for viewing apart from special screenings. I'd love to see it too, someday.

I just want to add that there is a book about Jewelmer's golden SSP farming with gorgeous photos of ocean life, called The Ultimate Orient. I have this book. Beautuful underwater photos. (Not so many pearl photos so don't buy it for that.)

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Yes, I have been following up on the movie since 2013. I knew it was shown at the Ruckus. I have looked at the website about screenings.
I just want to see it, hoping PP or PJ can help
I wish I could buy a copy of the movie.
Thank you Mr. Pearl Paradise, I look forward to seeing soon!