Pearl Farming Documentary


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May 26, 2014
A couple of days ago, my mom and I worked as extras on a documentary about pearl farms called, Power of Pearls. When I saw the casting call, I was so excited because of my love for pearls, and because I actually knew some pearl farmers and about the pearl farming industry (thanks to Ruckus and all the information here!). The director, Taylor Higgins, knew Douglas and Josh, and credited Jeremy for helping him make this film a reality.

The scene we filmed was the opening scene, where a couple walks into a jewelry store (Franklin & Company Fine Jewelers) and tries on a golden South Sea pearl strand. I was a customer leaving the store just as the couple walked in. My mom got to sit at a table and sip coffee. It was fun and exciting!

Here are some photos!
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Setting up takes the longest, so lots of waiting.
The guy, the customer leaving, the gal, and the store owner (our roles)
The GSSP used were from Jewelmer!
My ssp wanted to play and look like babies next to the Jewelmer strand. My largest pearl is about 11.5mm.
With the director, Taylor Higgins

While we were waiting, I got to speak to the real jewelry store owner, Frank, and he showed me some of the pearls he carried. Someone posted about faceted pearls a few days ago and I got to see one firsthand! It was beautiful! The photos do not do any of these pearls justice (I had to use the flash)! I was really impressed with Frank and his knowledge of pearls, and that he carried quite a variety compared to other jewelry stores.
A highly detailed carved dragon
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Wow, that is so exciting, Amti! I bet he was so glad you answered the casting call :) I remember reading about this project in the works; that ruckus must have been before 2014, Pattye.
Wow, I didn't know he attended one of the Ruckuses and met you all!! That's really neat!!! I know he's been working on this for about six years. He hopes to have it completed soon and was hoping to have it viewed at this summer's Ruckus.
Very special, Helen!!! Congratulations and do you suppose you will get an Oscar nomination?
Very special, Helen!!! Congratulations and do you suppose you will get an Oscar nomination?

Lol! I don't even know if I'll make it into the documentary. I seem to always end up on the cutting room floor, so I'm pretty confident the answer is no. ;)
How wonderful to see his film progressing and you to have a part in it Amti. It will be fun to see it this summer at the ruckus :)
Amti: That is so cool. I hope you don't end up on the cutting room floor.
Amti, How wonderful. I hope this means the film will finally be finished. There are photos of Taylor and Abri in the Malibu ruckus photos.
How can I view or purchase movie? Can’t find!
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I was lucky to have a sneak peek of the first 20 minutes of the movie and it really, really great!!! I can't wait to see all of it on Saturday.
Is this film going to be released as a feature film to select cinemas, or shown on TV, or...?