Natural Color, Deep Gold, High Luster, South Sea Pearls from Pearl Paradise

Hi Everyone – thanks for your kind words

This was a bit of a ‘flyer’ as I couldn’t find anything on the forum to use as a ‘frame of refrernce’ for this pair, and was a bit troubled with the ‘are they too much?’ question

Jeremy’s advice was “well,you might have to take BV out more……” LoL

Caitlin – I’ll take a couple more picis in the Spring light !!
The summer is finally here !

Well it was here, but now it seems to have gone again, but assuming it comes back......, I'll try and take some new picis with some roses, in the summer light (including one of them being worn if I can :rolleyes: ), to compare with the low winter light
Alex, what a wonderful, thoughtful gift! Your earlier pictures were magnificent. I'm glad more are on their way. Your wife is very lucky, and you brought a big smile to my face.
Here some picis of the deep golds in summer light

It's amazing how they colour-shift with the backgound - all these are taken with the same white rose and leaf, but the last one was taken against the inside of a petal from another bud, which has a faint blush, and the pearls picked it up


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and here are some more with a begonia, and again the colour shifts


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Gorgeous! I'd love a shot of them on the ear.
whoops - forgot that :eek:

will try and get one and post it