My pearls

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished necklace. It's sweet to see your feline helper! :)
Thank you GemGeek, me to. Unfortunately the skulls didn't look right to me with the iolites either. It wasn't ugly, but looked a bit too colorful. Like something one might draw with crayons. I might have to separate them and use the blue, turquoise, green and lilac with the iolites and then the red, apricot and yellow with some light golden south sea pearls. Unfortunately again I brought the beading wire, but not the rest of my findings and stuff to the summer cabin. I always have beading supplies. I have ordered some more carved red jasper, carved calcite orange yellow jade, carved apricot trumpet shell and some vermeil beads. Those skulls looks great with golden south sea pearls, just not all at once.
Nefrite jade
Red jasper
Agatized fossil coral
Apricot trumpet shell
African turquoise jasper
Blue azurite
Lilac phosphosiderite
They are really cute. I might be able to make a light golden south sea rope and incorporate the red, yellow, orange and apricot beads as well as the vermeil beads. Or make a lot of bracelets. It will take the other beads a while to arrive.
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I did get some of those small tahitian 7-8mm pearls from Druzydesign, not all of them. I am waiting for another 5 inches of them. I couldn't resist remaking my smallish strand, it's now 22 inches long.
With my mismatched tahitian studs from Oceanscove.
With Isabella
And with my rikitea strand from Cees and my big multicolored tahitian strand from Pearlescence.
It is a nice lenght, but I will probably either shortsen it to about 19 inches or adding the final 5 inches and make it 27 inches long.
Thank you Jeg and eolian pearls . I am really pleased with those small tahitians. The other two strands I use all the time. They go with everything. Sometimes I use them with a 5,5 inches long extender I made.
Great neck stack. Those little Tahitians are lovely. I really like strands in that 19-22 inch range - long enough to see when you’re wearing them, but not long enough to catch on things.
Exactly SydK, I always tucks my longer ropes inside whatever shirt I wear when I cook or eat. I bought almost all of Druzydesigns 7-8mm tahitians, both on ebay and on etsy. Almost none left. At first I bought them to make a mixed sizes rope, then I thought that they might be good with the skulls, but they really look Best on their own. My favorite pearls is the silvery white one. Not-husband thought it was something wrong with it...why is that one lighter, he asked...For contrast, I said.
I may have a solution for the skulls. The red jasper skull looks great with my akoya keshistrand from Pearlescence and some drop tahitian.
The agatized fossil coral can be used with either my vintage akoya and golden south sea waverope or with my golden and white leftover rope. I forgot to photograph the leftover strand.
The african turquoise jasper can be used either with my green akoya and white south sea rope or with my drop tahitian and blue akoya rope.
The nephrite jade skull with one of them as well, but I think that I prefer the jade one with the drop tahitians and the turquoise one with the green akoyas.
The blue azurite skull looks beautiful with my blue akoya and white south sea strand.
The lilac phosphsiderite is pretty with my morsecode necklace.
I have some pearls leftover from that project.
I haven't found a place for the carved apricot trumpet shell skull yet, but I have some similar colors coming. I could exchange a pearl or add the skull to most of these strands next time I restring them. For those tiny ivory akoya keshis I need to use beading wire, but forgot the little crimping beads at home, might not be crimping beads, the round ones you just flatten with pliers.
My smallish 7-8mm tahitian strand that I made with pearls from Druzydesign is now 27 inches long, the last pearls arrived. I don't think that I will add any more pearls at the moment. It a good lenght, with or without the tahitian tassel. Such cute little pearls.
With Isabella
With my big tahitian enhancer from Pearlsociety
I think that these tiny tahitians looks best with smaller studs or earrings. With my aubergine tahitian studs from Oceanscove.
Today I am wearing it with my smokey pink tahitian studs from Pearlescence and my ombre tahitian rope from Cees.
My mismatched tahitian studs always works. First from Oceanscove.
Then from OceansRhyme
My blue tahitian studs from Pearlescence are always stunning
With my mixed south sea and tahitian strand. I love that strand.
With my multicolored tahitian strand from Pearlescence and my rikitea strand from Cees.
It's very pretty with my huge pastelly tahitian strand from Cees
Wow Charlotta what a great pairing of necklaces with those skulls and it looks like you’re going to be very busy with that project!

I love all your Tahitian necklaces, such beautiful colors!
Thank you Lilpearl. I agree, those strands looks great with the skulls. I made some of them, but then I realised that those skulls are hard. I added the green nephrite jade skull to my drop tahitian and blue akoya rope. After walking for a few hours it started to hurt were the skull was. I shifted the skull so that it was higher up, but it to hurt after a while. Darn, had to restring it back to how it was before.
I really like that rope and want to be able to use it. My blue akoya and white south sea rope still has the skull and one neon blue apatite bead. But I will restring it soon as well.
Blue azurite skull.
Those skulls are perfect for stretch bracelets however. The drillholes are a little bit bigger than on most of my pearls, perfect for hiding the knot with a tiny bit of glue. I will show those soon. I had to retake the photos today, they focused on something else yesterday...
I did make the akoya keshi, red jasper and some drop tahitian strand as well. Those keshis almost made me go blind, so small and the drillholes are tiny. Looked great but the skull kept turning upside down...but I think that I have a new favorite bracelet with that skull that I will post in a bit.
My skull bracelets, first the one with the red jasper skull. I added it to a bracelet from Druzydesign. I wear this one all the time. Wendy told me how to knot a stretch bracelet and it has not come apart yet.
I added the nephrite jade skull to a bracelet of pale golden circled pearls.
The agatized fossil coral skull and some golden south sea ripple pearls from Pearlescence.
Apricot trumpet shell skull with the same ripple pearls.
African turquoise jasper skull with the ripples.
I may arrange some of them when I get my other carved bead that I ordered. The red jasper skull looks amazing with the tahitians.
Charming skulls, especially the lighter, more delicate colors. (Never thought I would use charming and skulls in the same sentence!) You are ready for Halloween and beyond. The bracelets are terrific.
Thank you Katbran and Gemgeek. I really like the lighter colored skulls as well, especially the pale yellow fossil coral one. It was difficult to find their right place. The sidedrilled skulls turn upside down when worn in a strand, on a stretch bracelet they stay closer to the skin (also less bouncing). A stretch necklace might be a bit uncomfortable, don't you think (but fast to make).
I did finally make a strand with those tiny akoya keshis. I am sure that whomever drilled those are blind now. Such tiny pearls and even smaller drillholes. Had to use beading wire, the first try with the tahitian drops and the red jasper skull was pretty, but the skull kept flipping upside down. Cut that apart. Then I tried with just the tahitian drop pearls, not bad but I still wasn't happy with it. Now I have put some of those golden south sea ripple pearls with them and also two small copper tahitian drop pearls. The akoya keshis and the golden south sea ripples are from Pearlescence. Don't remembed where I got those copper tahitians from.
I think that it looks really pretty now.
I did use those tahitian drops with the iolites that I recently bought. I might have bought some of the drop tahitians from Wen Pearls.
I think that this one is even prettier.
Those two strands are a lot like the two strands I made this summer, the ombre sapphire and tahitian one and the neon apatites and tahitian one. Ok, the akoya keshis aren't gemstones, but I did have to use beading wire because of the drillholes. I only ever use beading wire if there is no other option, except for with my tassels that is. I really do prefer beader secret.
The tahitians that I used with the neon blue apatites are mostly from Cees and the tahitians I used with the ombre sapphires are from Wen Pearls.
The beading wire family (not quite, there are some strands and ropes that I use as chains and the tassels then)
I asked my daughter which one she thought was prettiest and she said the iolites one.