My pearls

I really like that strand! Very nice reuse of those ripples!
Wendy at Pearlescence found a blue tahitian strand for me in Hongkong. I have wanted one since I got my blue tahitian studs from her last year. Today it arrived and I couldn't be happier! They are about 8-11mm and I knotted it with Beaders secret in navy. We went to the summer cabin today to change a pipethingy under a sink, not-husband changed the leaky thingy and I took photos of my new strand.
With my blue tahitian studs.
I knotted it when we got home.
I also got a dyed akoya strand. It's so well dyed that I really can't see that it's dyed, except that akoyas don't come in those colors. It's got beautiful peacock autumncolors. I think the size of the pearls are about 6-7mm. I probably just knot it, but I haven't decided just yet.
Wow, great blue Tahitians. And what a great match to the earrings!!! Love the clasp.

I really like the dyed akoyas, too.
Charlotta, all of your new pearls (and the re-worked ripples) are beautiful. I don’t know how you find the time for your creative endeavors.
These are two beautiful strands - the Tahitians are amazingly blue, and I love the colour of the dyed Akoyas. Congrats on your newest acquisitions.
Those blues are just beyond stunning. And I love it when dyed pearls don't look dyed!
Thank you Red, pammbw, Bweaves, Parrot Lady, Marianne, Jesskat and SydK.
Parrot Lady, I like to do creative stuff besides working, cooking, taking care of family and cat etc. I try to make time at least a couple of times a week to spend on creating jewelry, trying out new combinations with my pearls or learning a new technique. Also I don't like to watch tv, an episode of some serie on netflix is enough for me. All the children have homes on their own an works so I have more time for me now.
I haven't been here much lately, and there are so many new photos of beautiful pieces!

What size range are the stunningly gorgeous Tahitians, Charlotta?! They are wonderful, and the clasp is just perfect for them!
Cricketbug, I think that they are 8-11mm, maybe 8-10,6mm (don't remember exactly) the studs are 12,1mm.
Your thread is leaving me speechless, and very grateful for your photos!