More dirty pearls....


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Dec 8, 2014
I bought these pearls from a lady in Hawaii about 15 years ago image.jpg. She had got them from a yard sale where a Japanese lady was selling off her deceased parents belongings,and these pearls were in a box of mixed jewellery.When asked,the lady said her father had been in the Pearl trade,and she had some wonderful necklaces he had given her,but these “ peanut” pearls were rubbish,they were the first pearls her father had ever given her mother,but she would never wear such low grade pearls.The clasp was missing and they were grubbywhenI first got them.I LOVE THEM! They are the nearest thing to soap bubbles I have,and I have wasted happy hours just looking at them.It’s great that even” rubbish “ can be beautiful.
Fascinating pearls, Barbara! Just look at those overtones! These pearls appear to be completely natural creamy golden color, not bleached or pinked as most Akoya are. One person's "rubbish" is another's treasure! That's an interesting clasp peeking through, too. Are these knotted between the pearls?
I love them. They look like soap bubbles. The overtones are gorgeous.
The pearls are threaded on fine wire as the holes on many of the pearls are large.Also the holes have been drilled through the nacre between the twins and so having the strand fairly rigid stops too much rubbing on the edge of the nacre.The lady who originally sold them was quite elderly apparently ( though that’s in the eye of the beholder!) so possibly parents were in Hawaii beforeW.W.2,and likely interned.If my surmise is true then the pearls must be from the 30 s.Any input will be great fully received!
Vintage Baroque Akoya pearls...they don't seem bleached at all. A rare treasure :)
I always thought akoyas were only produced as single pearls,does anyone know anything about the production of these twin pearls? Pattye,the clasp is an old European silver clasp that I had that seemed to be brash enough to give these little bubbles a run for their money..
Beautiful! They’re so lustrous! And the soap bubble effect is swoonworthy.