I'm going to take the plunge!


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Jun 14, 2018
I've decided to take the plunge & learn to knot pearls. I just ordered some white petal keshis from Wen & some Sleeping Beauty turquoise beads from Etsy. I want to make a couple of necklaces to add to my pearl & turquoise collection. So I will be making up a list of what I need & order it from Pattye. Any advice???

I'll post pics of the beads & pearls when they get here....probably a couple of weeks at least.
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Way to go! It is a lot of fun What kind of clasp are you thinking of? Or are you planning an endless strand? I found that to be quite tricky, by the way. If you use a clasp, I would recommend gimp for a nice finish. You will also need needles, of course. I find one needle lasts for 2-3 projects, on the average.
I like the orbit clasps that I get from Rio Grande:
They also come in gold and gold filled. They work to link several shorter strands together, or with a bracelet, to make a longer one. Or add a pendant.
One piece of advice: don't try to stint on the thread. Thread is cheap, and it is hard to knot when the thread is short. I always start with double the length, doubled, for a necklace (four times the length, total) plus extra, and longer that that for a bracelet. On the larimar projects I should have started with more because with the thicker thread the knots take up proportionately more length. It is really frustrating to find your thread is too short to finish your project...
Good for you! Knotting is fun and relaxing, except for right at the end, attaching the second side of the clasp. At this point, I often make a mistake and have to start over - I think I get either tired or overconfident.
In terms of supplies, I like to have lots of thread colours to choose from, so I’d buy a good selection to start with. And I like the nice, neat finish that a thread zapper gives. Personally, I lose needles all the time, so I now order those in bulk.
I haven’t got my head around stringing on wire yet, so not sure what’s needed to do that, but I might learn to pass some time over the next couple of months.
So fun! I agree that knotting is relaxing - almost meditative for me.

The couple strands I knotted last month were my first with Beader's Secret. Previously I had always used the silk that comes on a card with the needle attached. Beader's Secret is So. Much. Easier!! And the color range is fantastic. I bought Pattye's intro. kit and I think those supplies will last me a good long time.

Once I have some more pearls I'll add more colors of thread. I also ordered from Wen (first order from her) early in March, but sadly, because of COVID, they are taking the slow boat from China. :( They've been stuck at "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" for 3 weeks. I hope you have better luck! I am feeling like I might need to break down and find a U.S. vendor so I can have something to string.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!
Buy more Beader's Secret than you think you'll need. It always takes me three tries to knot a necklace to my satisfaction. Buy some clasps that you like. I find it much easier to knot with a clasp at one end. I find endless strands very hard to get the last knot to hold.

Buy gimp in gold and silver colors. It makes for a nice profession finish next the clasp.

Buy Pattye's large eye needles, too. They are the best for beading.

I also have a hemostat which I use to clamp off the other end of the beading thread. It's weighty, stays in place, and keeps the pearls from sliding off the thread. Also, I use it to pull the needle through stubborn holes.

I also use my wire trimmer that came with my jewelry pliers to cut the thread at when I'm done, or to cut apart necklaces that I'm going to restring.
I received my order from Pattye today. I got the starter kit & an extra pack of needles. Thank you so much, Pattey. Now I'm waiting on the pearls I ordered to get here. They're coming from Wen so who knows how long it will take. LOL
How fun. You can always practice on one of your strands whilst you wait.