Hanadama pearls from Pearl Paradise.com

Ah dear Lisa - I did get my gorgeous earrings and have been working like a dog since then so no nifty photos as of yet. When it rains, it pours, so I am working on being grateful. While at work. *sigh*
Oooohhhhhhhh, Heidiiiii - where aaarrre you? did you get your pearls?
On this one, the foreground strand is in focus and is the pinked strand...

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just wondering from these pics, does it sem that the pinked is one with better luster?

i've actually purchased my pearls due to my special request of the length. I bought myself a hanadama pearl strand (same certificate) from jap seller. its pinked etc but its a a white pearl strand, because of my color tone where the less pink/more white pearl strand will look more outstanding than a pinked. Certificate is iridesecent (pink/green overtone)

Having said this, i wonder if i can take Mikimoto because their pearls are more pinked?
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They had equal luster. It's very hard to tell that pearls are pinked unless you put them on a bright white background. I'm sure your pearls are gorgeous!
I enjoyed your akoya comparison shots from a few years ago!
Blaire, those are stunningly beautiful; congratulations! I too would love to see those Blue and Golden certified strands :)
Thanks. :) I can't get to the photos right now, but I'll try to post some soon. :)
GemGeek, I didn't realize when I posted on this thread, that your original post was from 2009 LOL ... sorry, I didn't mean to ask you to go dig up photos from 5 years ago ... glad I tripped over those photos though, because they are beautiful pearls :)
I suspect there are Madama and Kinsyoku pearl photos here if you search. :)
I'd still love to see a neck shot (don't be shy-- my neck is older than your neck! ;) )
I gained weight and they tend to spread out sideways instead of hanging down. :)
I'm giving this thread a bump as GemGeek's photos are just too beautiful not to look at again!
What beautiful pictures to enjoy again with my morning cup of coffee!
Thanks Pearl Dreams! GemGeek's Akoyas are just perfect and the comparison shots tell it all. I must wear mine soon!