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Feb 1, 2008
A while ago I discovered Etsy thanks to some people telling me about it on the forum. After a quick look through the fees it seems much more reasonable than eBay, it costs 20 cents to list one item, you can upload lots of pictures for free (eBay charges for it if you add more than one picture!) and the listing lasts for 4 months.

I think we should make a "Selling on Etsy"-thread, just like we did with eBay. And then make the thread a sticky so new people quickly can look through it.

Just my two cents.

Here?s the link to my Etsy-page:
Good idea, Mervione!

Are you doing Etsy instead of Ebay? I never tried ebay--------
Etsy is a great website! The only drawback it has compared to Ebay, where you can list almost anything, is that Etsy requires that you hand-make everything you sell/post. They do allow materials to be posted, like jewelry supplies and craft supplies, but Etsy is a place that emphasizes hand-made items.
Hi Pattye. I haven?t given up on eBay yet, I just wanted to try Etsy too. Hopefully it?ll work better... Nothing sold the second time I listed my things on eBay, so I don?t feel as enthuastic about eBay anymore. I?m very inpatient though and can get pessimistic easily...

Mandy: Do you know if it?s OK to use beads you haven?t made yourself? Such as gold ones... Or earwires?
Etsy has been discussed on another jewelry related forum recently and not everyone is a happy camper who uses this site. You could check out for some of the debate going on about using Etsy.

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You did just fine! It linked right through. I had not seen that before. A good evening's project to read through.

Mervione, yes, you can use materials you haven't made yourself. But you need to assemble them yourself. Try not to be impatient. It takes time. Maybe find some local seasonal bazaars where you can sell some of your items, too. That is what I am doing.

Why did I do Etsy?

1. Members of my family wanted me to do a website, and this was an easy set up for me to control, pay as I go, they can see what I make and purchase if they wish. HUGE THANK YOUs to my online friends who have made purchases also!!!
I have bought several items on Etsy and have found it to work just fine. It is a really fun site where you can buy the most unusual pieces. When I have a few moments I like to browse at some of the stuff for sale. I'm constantly amazed at the high quality of craftmanship you find.

Have fun!
I have an etsy shop, but haven't really sold anything. As soon as I had it loaded, my Michigan trip wiped everything out. I need to restock, and am going to include strands and singles in it. I'm just so far behind with school and my NYC trip. Now I have stuff, but nothing made. Stay tuned!
I sell on etsy (hand appliqued/screen printed tshirts) & I love it. I do most of my gift shopping on their now, as well. Like any site it has it's strengths & weaknesses, but I really enjoy the sense of community & purchasing direct from the craft person.

Buying from etsy is a whole different experience from ebay. You get the feeling the seller takes the time to aknowledge & appreciates each & every sale. Your purchase generally comes with a handwritten thank you, nice packaging, etc, and often small samples or other goodies are included.
The website is just a blog for whiners, if you ask me.

When a site where you can join for free and buy items at NO extra cost besides what the seller provides is a great site. And yet you get these complainers who want x, y and z for this this and that kthx! Cry all you want, but snark against a site that helps promote handicrafts is lame. Sure it ain't perfect, but that kinda stuff gets out of hand when the users start demanding things. It ain't their site! It's a community site, sure, but they don't own it. They can suggest stuff till the cows come home but in the end that's all it is: suggestions.

Want things done your way? Make your own website to sell your items. Otherwise enjoy and work what has been given to you.
Etsy used to be handmade only, but they have non-artisan sections now for vintage and other goods. It's a great place to find beautiful things. It's also a great place to find positively dreadful handmade horrors. Both can be fun. :D

eBay used to have that Dickensian duality about the listings, but now it's too expensive to list Auntie Eccentric's shaved purple raccoon coat with metallic appliqu?s.
I decided to list more items today, got the good old enthusiasm again... Mainly thanks to my boyfriend that?s always supporting me. One of the items is this tahitian pendant:


Maybe it?s just me but I think amethyst is a gorgeous gemstone. Understated as well. Thought you wanted to see it since it?s a pearl in it.

Oh, and Pearlkrazy, I like your t-shirts!
You have inspired me again, Pearl-Guiders and I am getting busy posting new things on my Etsy site, with more to come all week. I would like to extend an offer of gratitude in the form of a special Pearl-Guider's break on anything on the site. Just let me know who you are.
Thanks Amrita! I really like amethyst... It?s nice that you can get such high quality for little compared to lets say sapphire. Since sapphire is more rare (or maybe just more liked?) it?s so expensive and you often have to put up with inclusions or just small gems. You just don?t get much gemstone for your money, or quality for that matter.

I thought I?d try to make the pictures a little nicer this time, and in my opinion it worked really well. Went out and stole some flowers from the garden! Well, they actually grew outside of it...
Wow! Believe it or not but I actually SOLD something on Etsy!!!

Hopefully I?ll get some feedback this time and not having the seller ignore my mails... Still haven?t heard anything from the buyer on eBay, have sent two mails now.