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Enormous Keshi Strand


New member
Dear All,

I think I have this kind of Wilma Flintstone stand :). The story of the this pearl was: My husband knew that I love pearls. He asked me if I want pearls on Valentine's day. I can't decide on what to buy given the budget that he gave. So finally, I told him that I think I would buy this pearl (on an online store). So, when the pearls came, it's huge!!! It's a baroque south sea pearl (?). My husband said that it's too big. I'm thinking of returning it.
Neck shot.jpg
Huge Pearl2.jpg

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Wow!!! Huge is right!

Do you like them, apart from their size? If so, give them a little time...I find it's easy to get used to larger. :p


New member
Hi Pearl Dreams!

I like it and the colors, too but I’m not so sure if I can wear it with my casual clothes. My husband said it’s like Wilma Flintstone’s pebble necklace :)

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Well here's my imitation strand-- do I have you out-Wilma'ed? ;)

I say, Go ahead and wear it. I think you will get used to it pretty fast.


  • huge Majorica pearls.jpg
    huge Majorica pearls.jpg
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New member
Wow! It looks good on you, Pearl Dreams! ❤️


I think I’ll just keep it. One more thing, do you think it’s a wss baroque pearl?


Active member
I wear pearls with jeans and T-shirts all the time. I think the big, chunky pearls would look amazing with casual clothing. Go for it.


New member
What a wonderful strand, Miguelle. I hope you keep them and enjoy them. These are signature pearls, indeed. Everyone who knows you will know that these are your pearls.