Choosing a GSSP for a pendant- what to keep in mind?

I'm think the pearl you selected is perfect for you! The color, size and shape confirm that it was made just for you! And that orange-red tee makes everything pop! Congratulations! How about earrings to match?
Thank you for the kind words! pkinnew, the next thing on my 'list' is a pair of rosy blue Akoya studs, so the golden pearl earrings- be they Akoya or South Sea will have to wait a while :D I am having too much fun with pearls both DIY and from vendors alike...
oh that is a great color combo - you and the shirt and the pearl look like they were just made for each other! good job choosing the pearl, assembling the outfit. :)
Ashely, thanks very much for that wonderful description of the GSS colours. I too am completely unable to wear any of the shades.. they do nothing for me. But I do love to look at amazing that the colour is's just so INTENSE!

Khanzy - I'm always amazed how the light completely changes the colour. You are going to be so pleased with your purchase ! And Amanda made an excellent point that the 'best' colour is not actually the best colour on someone's skin. The 'best' colour is the one that suits you.

Ashely's post was really helpful .. I'm going to try to post a photo of three strands..I'd like to see how the colours match up with her post. 2013-10-28 15.39.15.jpg