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Are these Arabian Gulf (Basra) pearls? Opinions wanted


Pearl Designer & Collector
Jan 25, 2007
Hello some more pearls needing opinions. These are are app 5 to 7mm. Varying widths. The coral beads are 6mm so it is not hard to see the various sizes. I think they may be Arabian Gulf pearls. Once again I do not have them with me so cannot give more information. They do not look like cultured pearls to me but they do look like saltwater pearls.

To me the photos have been photoshopped and over-exposed so not showing true. They actually look like they have oil on them. Might just be the photos.

Would love to get some opinions.

Dawn - Bodecia
eBay Seller ID dawncee333 Natural pearl collector & seller. And all round pearl lover.


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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2004
I don't think they are pinctada radiatas from the Persian Gulf or saltwater at all. The only button pearls like that I have seen, are cwfp. The nacre on those has a slight denseness that is different than radiata nacre which is more translucent, if that is the right word. Persian Gulf pearls should have a finer, more delicately-grained nacre.

Lagoon Island Pearls

Well-known member
Dec 8, 2009
Agreed, no depth to these pearls. The luster is at the surface. Probably color treated (bleached). It might just be the photos, but I see zero midrange color shift.

I suppose I could do a palette.