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Search results

  1. La Contessa

    Dr. Siemionow Pearls on TV

    Watching, with fascination, the news of the first face transplant in the United States, the doctor appeared. Dr. Siemionow, dazzled me with not only her accomplishment, but, also, what appeared to be an AMAZING pearl necklace. Anyone care to venture what we are looking at???? Sorry it's a...
  2. La Contessa

    Question about places of purchase

    I do not know if this question is okay - if not - please forgive me in advance and just ignor. T J Maxx has a vast selection of discounted jewelry and always has some major pearl pieces, does anyone have an opinion of this store's inventory? Thank you, Francesca
  3. La Contessa

    Leather Cord with Tahitian pearls

    Pictures of my new little necklace Pictures of my new little necklace I'm hoping this works:eek: Next one; a little closer Here goes nothing - I LOOOOVE them - and I want more....:D
  4. La Contessa

    Leather Cord with Tahitian pearls

    My leather cord with pearls arrived from PP!!! I looked at them - beautiful - I put them on - I took them off - I looked at them - my husband looked at them - I put them on. Still on. Any mirror in the house is now my "pearl viewing" mirror. They are very simple, casual, special all at once...