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    Purple baroque strand from Kongs Pearl

    Thank you JP. The smell is almost gone now :) here is a morning shot of the strand.
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    Purple baroque strand from Kongs Pearl

    Morning picture taken in a white box and a neckshot
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    Purple baroque strand from Kongs Pearl

    Thank you Heart :) Another picture in office lights. Able to capture some color.
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    Purple baroque strand from Kongs Pearl

    Received my strand today. The colors are really dark with green overtones. Overall a nice smaller ripple strand. Vendor pics and my picture(in harsh office lights) It smells a bit fishy. Hopefully it will go away soon.
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    New Chinese Ripple Look A-Like Kasumi Pearls

    I will post a pic once Yunlan sends me before shipping. This is the listing picture. Abi, is that strand from diypearls in etsy?
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    New gss studs from Peaelescence

    Thanks JP. Ok here is a terrible earshot
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    New gss studs from Peaelescence

    Just received these gss studs from Pearlescence. Loved them. They are small but have high luster and greenish overtone. These are my first south sea pearls.
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    Favorite pearl studs

    This is my favorite pair This one is from Jac. I also have another silver Tahitian pair that gets a lot of wear.
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    New necklace from Catherine Cardellini

    I just received this necklace and its an instant love. The colors popped even under office lights. The size isn't huge so wearable too. Pictures from CC followed with my picture (in fluroscent light)
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    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Metallic ripple pair from Kongs
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    2nd knotting - kojima bracelet

    So me being an extremely clumsy person, I had some problem operating the orbit clasp my kojima bracelet came with. It broke from the clasp one day while I was trying to put it on. Today I restrung it using beaders secret in teal. I didn't have silver gimp so used the golden one. Ending 3 pearls...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    A tahitain shell pendant from Wen
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    First stringing with Cees strand

    Neck shots. I am not able to capture the colors in the strand.
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    First stringing with Cees strand

    My first stringing attempt. Beaders secret is a godsend product. The knots are far from elegant but since I struggled for 2 days for knotting the strand, I will wear it for a few days before restringing. Hmm now that I have got the hang of stringing, I want to try an endless rope. Will it be...
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    My first multicolor Tahitian pearls

    I got this one from an Etsy seller.
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    Crossed off a wishlist item - strand from Cees

    Thanks Katbran. Yes, I actually love lighter tahitians but it's a hit or miss. I have a Vietnamese blue akoya strand so I thought I got the lighter color range covered. This is a shot Cees sent today morning of my strand in natural light without lightbox. I think the strand looks even better in...
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    Crossed off a wishlist item - strand from Cees

    Thanks Pattye. Cees has gorgeous pearls. He tempted me with some gorgeous golden south sea strands. I need to start saving up for those. This was another strand I was considering, but at the end those colors won me over.
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    Crossed off a wishlist item - strand from Cees

    Just purchased this strand from Cees. Can't wait. Now I have to learn stringing. This is my first Tahitian strand and probably will be the only Tahitian strand I will ever own. He sent some pictures of gorgeous golden south seas too. Have to start saving for those.
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    ??Sea of Cortez Pearls??

    My sea of cortez mabe earrings from Kojima Pearls
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    Freshwater strand from Kong's Pearls

    I just received a strand of freshwater pearls from Kong's and I am amazed at the luster. Sharing my happiness here.