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Search results

  1. dkan 168

    Longevity of CFWPs

    Hello PG, Long time no visit, hope everyone is OK and coping under the current crazy circumstances. I thought I would share this photo with you, to demonstrate the durability and longevity of CFWP. This little pearl is the remnant of the one I wire-wrapped myself back in 1997, and it had...
  2. dkan 168

    Diamond Huggies With Interchangeable Pearl Drops

    I searched for a long time for the right pair of diamond huggies that are just long enough to hug my big fat earlobes without jutting out to make my already wide face look even wider, and found these when I visited LA's Diamond District during my Ruckus trip recently. 0.38cttw, 8 diamonds in...
  3. dkan 168

    Photos from the Ruckus 2016

    My SoC pearl has been set, here is a pic of the new ring next to the SoC mabe I already have. DK :)
  4. dkan 168

    Theresa May

    The new British PM likes her pearls for certain! Not always real like those massive costume ones she wears from time to time, however, she has an impressive collection of real ones. On TV this morning, she was wearing what looked like a strand of multi-colour Eddisons. Perhaps not as stylish...
  5. dkan 168

    My Sea of Cortez Mabe Ring

    I purchased this SoC Mabe from Eastern Tradewind/Agustus-Collection with the intention of setting it as a pendant drop. However, it is too small for my large frame, and I had it set in a ring instead. Ring size is 12 US, in 14K White Gold, diamond melees are 1.5mm each, and I am very pleased...
  6. dkan 168

    Help me decide

    My post has also disappeared! Re-cap: I have both versions, both strands are gem quality CFWPs. The one with diamond spacers is 18in 9-10mm, and I tend to wear it on special occasions only, and I tend to favour my white SSPs and Tahitians for special occasions. The other strand is 8-9mm...
  7. dkan 168

    17.84mm, 18.80ct Danburite for a Pearl Clasp

    The Danburite has arrived, and Jeff's photos do not do it justice. Here are a couple of pics I took: next to my KGH 2-row pearl clasp that is nearly 20mm in diameter, and the Danburite nested amongst my two largest strands of pearls: I may convert the two strands so that they can be worn...
  8. dkan 168

    17.84mm, 18.80ct Danburite for a Pearl Clasp

    My precision cut Danburite by Jeff White that I intend to set as a multi-strand/use pearl clasp/pendant. The finished stone is bigger than first anticipated. Once set, it should be big enough for a double strand of 8-9mm pearls. The idea is to have it made into a clasp so that it can take...
  9. dkan 168

    Queen Sonja of Norway's Pearls - Are They Real???

    Queen Sonja of Norway wore a strand of massive pearl-like necklace during opening of the Norwegian parliament (scroll down for pics of the queen): http://blogg.tv2.no/kongebloggen/2014/10/02/stil-og-stemning-ved-stortingets-apning/ What do you think? Can they be giant baroque Tahitians? DK...
  10. dkan 168

    My new pendant project with interchangeable pearl drops and gemstones as bale

    Hi peeps, Just realised I posted about this project in another board first, and not on PG, sorry! :o This is my replacement 50th birthday present for myself for next year, as my Wilma Flintstone necklace project has not been too successful (the spec for the necklace will need to be revised in...
  11. dkan 168

    Collectors of animal-shaped pearls...

    ... here is a bunny for you...
  12. dkan 168

    Size of Pearls and Earlobes

    It always intrigues me to see how the same size pearls appears differently on people depending on the size of their earlobes. The lovely 10mm pearls earrings as seen in recent threads (one for white SSP, the other for Tahitian) would appear small and too dainty on my big fat earlobes, where a...
  13. dkan 168

    customs charges

    OP, Even with the customer charges and handling costs as explained by Wendy, it is still worth buying and importing Freshadamas from PP. I have purchased gem quality CFWPs from PP, TOP, and other types of pearls, and they are worth every penny, IMHO. DK :)
  14. dkan 168

    Old Lady Needs Help

    If I had to stick with a 500 USD budget DK :)
  15. dkan 168

    Old Lady Needs Help

    I am 48 in Feb next year, 5'2 and UK Size 16/18 (large to very large). My day to day pearls is a 8-9mm strand to be worn with shirts with collars. The dressier pearls for more formal events range from 9-10mm through to a SSP strand that is (I think) 11-13mm graduated. Due to my size as well as...
  16. dkan 168

    My "Wilma Flintstone" necklace in the making!

    I have started this thread to chronicle the making of my "Wilma Flintstone" baroque SSP necklace, as requested by a few ladies on PG. It will be a 50th birthday present to myself in 2015, and I am hoping I shall have sufficient fund to purchase enough pearls for a 18in necklace by then. The...
  17. dkan 168

    What size pearls for this clasp please?

    The clasp in question is for a double strand, overall size of the clasp is quoted as 19.4mm diameter in the KGH's catalogue. I would like to show off the clasp and wear it on the side rather than at the back. Would 9-9.5mm dwarf the clasp, or should I go for 8-9mm? Many thanks for your...
  18. dkan 168

    For lovers of cute SSPs!

    A bunny, the latest from Sven/Agustus-Collection! So cute!!! A cute bunny-shaped loose SSP, Item=200780480788 DK ;)
  19. dkan 168

    Giant South Sea Baroques

    Recent PP Monthly Special and pics of Daniel's jewellery, have inspired me to dream up a pendant design of my own: a diamond bale with inter-changeable drops of pearls and precious stones. Just wondering if anyone could give me an indication how much I should expect to pay for a giant silver...
  20. dkan 168

    My Little Bug has to go!

    With regret, much as I love this little bug, it has to go, as I have over-stretched myself with my recent trailer purchase. Bought in HK in one of the shops along the "Jade" road back in 2009. It can be worn as a pendant or a brooch, very well-made. I have never worn it as a pendant, and...