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Search results

  1. Sarah

    Subtle Pastels

    The only good thing about being away for a while is that catching up is wonderful :) Here's my new celebration strand in subtle pastels. It floors me how much variation there is among Tahitian pearls. These were a different choice for me and I really love them. When the light is just right, the...
  2. Sarah

    Pearl Rings for Larger Hands

    Some of my favorite rings are in this thread, especially Fly Girl's beautiful moonstone setting, Icyjade's darling lovebirds and Sea Urchin's 14.6mm solitare. My akoya cluster ring isn't as luxurious, but it was my grandmother's and definitely holds its own on a larger hand.
  3. Sarah

    Collectors of animal-shaped pearls...

    "Collectors of animal-shaped pearls..." Hides under chair, I think that would be me. I'm so in love with these farm animals, that I'm secretly hoping they never sell and I'm "forced" to keep them all. Gah, the cuteness, it kills me. If I was ever so lucky to be at a ruckus, I'd wear one of these!
  4. Sarah

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I miss this thread! I posted better pictures of these in the designer's corner, but here they are in action with lavender button studs. My phone takes awful selfies so if you can't tell, they're a mix of lavender and silver Kojima rosebuds with white keshi and labradorite.
  5. Sarah

    So pretty, but so...undrilled!

    Well, I'm back sooner than I thought. It was a fantastic mail day, as far as small packages go. So many great things came all at once. The pearls were drilled to perfection, of course, but I'm still impressed by the care and precision it must have taken. Here are my two favorite options for the...
  6. Sarah

    The designer's corner

    Thank you! This paper isn't white, white, but it's more neutral than the other photo. Taking photos of pearls is one of the few things that will get me to venture outdoors in the freezing cold.
  7. Sarah

    The designer's corner

    This necklace is mine, all mine, with hedgehogs from my trip to Kojima and a few white keshi and faceted labradorites thrown in the mix. I keep coming back to this combination of white, silver, lavender and blue.
  8. Sarah

    The designer's corner

    Thank you Lisa and Pattye :o. Here's how it looks on a bust. I wanted it to drape and not be too stiff, which can be an issue depending on the ring diameter and wire gauge. Each weave prefers a different aspect ratio, which can throw a wrench in things if you miscalculate.
  9. Sarah

    The designer's corner

    Thank you LitGeek, as follow up I didn't win but was given an honorable mention and chosen for display at our fair. Meh, I was really hoping to win one of the cash prizes so I could buy PEARLS!!! Got my eye on some, as always. A little feedback would be appreciated on this chain maille tincup...
  10. Sarah

    The designer's corner

    Thank you, Pattye and BAS. It's a bit tedious uploading the pics from my phone, but here are a few of the making of the cuff. The ring is just an extremely miniaturized version of the same design. Since I can't solder yet, I used the second best thing - duct tape!
  11. Sarah

    The designer's corner

    I'm learning to solder this weekend, which is exciting, and I made this cuff bracelet and ring set. I made it out of the local paper to enter in a contest they're having for newspaper art. I'm kind of smitten with it actually. It's completely wearable and lightweight but sturdy. Wish me luck!
  12. Sarah

    The designer's corner

    Since i can't bring myself to tackle the office that will be my workspace, this report is from my portable bead board :/ After a fun stack of stretch bracelets, I'm working on a couple of different styles of sliders. Here is the first. This is thin leather cord in hot pink. LOVE it except it...
  13. Sarah

    pearls and hats

    Wowza, saucy is right! Great ensemble and pics! Oh, and here you go. I do have a couple of cloche hats but they are more for winter, no? Hard to see the earrings, but they are 9mm pale lavender buttons with blue overtones.
  14. Sarah

    My first wired pearl ring

    Wow! That's been on my list of things to try, but I know my first won't look nearly as nice as yours. Great job! This is a picture I saved from a tutorial but darn I can't find the url. Is this kind of how you started yours?
  15. Sarah

    Post a Picture of Your Work Table!!

    I've always liked this thread and hope you don't mind that I've bumped it. For now, my work table is a portable bead board (several bead boards actually) with all my supplies stored in drawers and pulled out as I need them. Those are some of Pattye's threads in fun colors. Thanks, Pattye :)
  16. Sarah

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    It's a very hot, tank top and no makeup sort of day here. This is my current favorite everyday earring combo, a blurry phone pic of course! I love these dyed freshwater buttons. To the untrained eye they have that pretty gray body, green overtone tahitian look and you just can't tell they aren't...
  17. Sarah

    Kojima Flower Brooches

    Okay ladies, fess up. Which one of you snatched up my first choice brooch from Sarah's most recent trip? Lol, no worries, I got one of my own and it's beautiful. I rarely wear a brooch, but oh well, it's more like a piece of pearl art. I know some of you got brooches as gifts at one of the...
  18. Sarah

    A beader's tale of woe

    I've had a bracelet design in mind for a while but it sometimes takes a while to get all the right components. I finally had it all together except the clasp. When I ordered, there were 3 sizes to choose from. I measured carefully, but it can be so hard to tell for sure and when it arrived it...
  19. Sarah

    Guess the pearl?

    Okay, so I already know what these are and just where they came from but if I didn't it would be fun to guess! Would I get them right? Probably not, lol! I realized my little collection has grown to the point that they deserved a group photo before they grow up and go their separate ways. And...
  20. Sarah

    Pretty little conch pearl

    New pearls were listed today, including another little conch pearl. http://www.acstones.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=141&idproduct=4442 And this amazing natural pearl. Oh, I would buy it if I could! http://www.acstones.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=141&idproduct=4438