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Search results

  1. luminous

    Edison Pearl

    I have not. We are still circling each other, staring one another down as though we were in some kind of a wild wild west duel. It's astounding, but I'm still not entirely sure it's MINE. I gave myself a few weeks to decide. My time's about up!
  2. luminous

    Edison Pearl

    I have a project in my head that I've been wanting to see through. I haven't found the right pearl yet. However in my quest I DID find this amazing pearl! It's unbelievable and I would like to wear it without drilling or using glue. I have a few ideas on how this would work but I'm wondering...
  3. luminous

    Hisano's ring from Jeremy

    I know it was on the PP blog, but was there a thread here? I'm not having luck finding it and I wanted to ogle it again...
  4. luminous

    Tahitian body color and overtones

    I've been going through all the threads I could find here, but none of them had exactly what I was looking for. I would love to see your real life photos of your Tahitian strands/earrings/pendants etc. accompanied by the stats *especially* the classified body color and overtone. I am very...
  5. luminous

    My new pearls

    hope that worked....these are on their way and I'm over the moon!
  6. luminous

    My new pearls

    And then I'll dig out my old. They've been put away since our last move-I kept two strands out and have been LAZY about unpacking. Anyway....this past month I've acquired a few nice things: a freshadama set from PP. I asked for silver/rose and LOVE what I got. They are silver in overcast...
  7. luminous

    Tahitian question

    Are baroque Tahitians bead or tissue nucleated? Thank you!
  8. luminous

    Baroque Tahitians from PP!

    So I got a beautiful strand of Tahitians today from PP. The luster is amazing-truly. They're just lovely. However I have a question-they're more blemished than I expected, which doesn't bother me *too* much. However about half of the blemishes look simply like a lack of nacre? Some are...