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    New multi color Tahitian necklace from Pearl Paradise

    I can't believe the Tahitian sale they have. I have been wanting a multi color drop strand for a while, but has been out of my price range. The colors stated are silver-blue, emerald green, peacock, and cherry, but I feel like a I see some slight golden in there to. Then came along their 33%...
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    New Deep Golden SS Pearl Ring

    With my love for golden SS pearls, I decided I needed a ring to admire with my current necklaces just bought :). I just received this beautiful deep golden SS fluer de lis silver ring with 14k yellow gold accents. I was said to be semi round, but I find it to be more of an oval shape. I bought...
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    Was reading old threads about the private luanch purchases and I read people considering taking the SS harvest bracelets and making them into a necklace. Since this is what I did in which they found a couple of left over bracelet strands no one bought yet, or have been returned? I guess it...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I wore my new SS Harvest strand, and for the first time layering pearls with my silver blue akoyas, since there are some silver-blue SS pearls in the strand :). The pictures of me wearing it for some reason doesn't do the strands justice from what I see in real life like the blue in the pearls.
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    Custom SS Harvest Strand Has Arrived! :)

    Trying layering pearls for the first time. Added my silver blue akoyas with it since there are some silver blue SS pearls in the strand :)
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    Custom SS Harvest Strand Has Arrived! :)

    It turned out it shipped on Friday so I got it today yay! I love it the creme rose pearls have this beautiful deep golden color with pink overtones, and the necklace has a lovely mixture of white, silver-blue, champagne and gold colors along with awesome keshi in it :)
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    I'm Getting Custom Made SS Harvest Strand From Pearl Paradise :)

    After watching the rukus videos I fell in love with the south sea harvest strands, but found out about them way to late after. I messaged Pearl Paradise to see if they were getting anymore in either soon or in the future. Peter (who was great with me and the whole process) eventually found...
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    New Dark Cherry and Peacock Necklace From PP

    Hi. So I sold all my cheaper Tahitian strands to help pay for this lovely pearl necklace described as dark intense cherry and peacock from PP. I love this so much and I can't believe the color and luster. It is AA+ so there are blemishes, but with the luster and color you don't notice them as...
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    New Blue-Silver Baroque Akoya Pearl Necklace From PP

    I got my new silver-blue baroque akoya strand from PP on Friday and have been wearing it all weekend. The size of the pearls are 7-7.5mm. It has been rainy the last few days, but I have been dying to post some pictures so I did my best with the lighting I had. Does anyone else have trouble...
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    New Chinese Ripple Look A-Like Kasumi Pearls

    So I still have the bug and I have this beautiful rainbow colored Kasumi like Chinese freshwater pearl strand coming to me from KongsPearls. Pearls are 11-14mm Also I just received my silver-blue akoya pearl from PP, which I will post once I get good daylight to take pictures. Here are vendors...
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    My new golden south sea necklaces

    People here are right in which you just can't have one pearl necklace, and so I bought 2 golden south sea ones to add in my collection. One strand is light-medium golden drop/baroque shape and ranges from 9.5-11.5mm and from Indonesia. The other was sold as dark golden more off...
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    New Tahitian pearl ring

    Having fun with pictures :)
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    My First Tahitian strand starter necklace :)

    Some more pictures in indirect lighting
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    My First Tahitian strand starter necklace :)

    I just bought my first Tahitian strand necklace from Kongs Pearls on etsy. I am not a fancy person so that is why I like more of the baroque/ circle pearls. This strand had subtle peacock overtones which I love, but it is hard to see in pictures unless I do a close up and even then it doesn't...
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    South Sea Harvest strands

    Hi. Does anyone know if PP is planning on getting more of the south sea harvest strands? If so did they say how much longer it would take? I really love those. Thanks :)
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    New Tahitian pearl ring

    Hi. Got some new picture that show off the luster better. Here they are :)
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    Sea of Cortez pearl ring (my first pearl purchase)

    Before my Tahitian ring I just posted on (about 2 months ago) I have been watching videos from Pearl Paradise and was intrigued by the color and rarity of these pearls. I had to have one. I found the farms direct online shop and saw this nest design with this dark purple/blue tone baroque...
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    New Tahitian pearl ring

    I am currently new to pearls and started being interested in them in the last 3 months :). I fell in love with this under the sea design and had to have it, especially with a Tahitian pearl :). Here are some pictures. Apologize about photos, the luster is better than my photos, my phone camera...