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    Oh my gosh I can't wait!

    Here's a shot of teal thread with my blues:
  2. C

    First try at a triple

    This is my first attempt for a triple strand. I used metallic freshwater pearls from Wen. The calculations with the lengths, different size pearls, etc. made my head hurt. But in the end it's wearable! The repertoire is growing :)
  3. C

    I got the blues - from Cees

    Just received this strand from Cees yesterday. These are Tahitians with two golden Fiji pearls for accents. I was not expecting the reality of the intense blues! (With some purple, some silver, some green-ish - typical Tahitian color magic.). Knotted them up immediately with teal Beader's...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Simple is sometimes best. Kamoka mana necklace and studs today for eclipse watching:
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    4 feet on a rainy day

    I took advantage of a rainy afternoon to knot up some cute little rosebud freshies. The iridescence is hard to capture, but they're really bright! Nice, light summery strand that ended up at 48" :)
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    Little Hole, Big Hole - What to do?

    So I'm finding that as with Thanksgiving dinner, in playing with pearls it's often the leftovers that are the most satisfying. I had 12 leftover light peacock Tahitian circled drops and 1 lovely WSS baroque. I thought I'd do a tin cup with them, but then saw some posts with Tahitians and akoya...
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    Fun with vintage clasps

    In a weak moment I put a fairly low bid in on eBay for a pair of vintage fold-over clasps. They're 14K with blue and pink stones. I won them! So what to do with them? I really liked the circled peacock Tahitians I purchased from Jac, so I ordered a few more. I re-strung my 28" strand with...
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    While you were away ...

    I took delivery of some light peacock circled drops and finished them off with a vintage mollusk clasp. I knotted them while watching the Ruckus videos. (Heavy weight Beader's Secret in Violet). I have enough plain graduated strands, so I mixed up the sizes :)
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    2017 Ruckus Treasures

    OK - there are lots of us out here who were only able to experience the 2017 Ruckus vicariously. The eye candy from the pictures and videos was amazing!!! For those fortunate enough to be there IRL, PLEASE show us the new treasures you brought home with you!
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    Old on New

    One of my co-workers has a niece who's having her quinceanera and she asked if I could make her something appropriate. I had some 6.5-7mm freshies left over from last weekend's rope project. I also had a Trifari imitation pearl bracelet from eBay with a rhinestone clasp that looked to be...
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    Knarly WSS Baroques - opinions, please

    I took a neck shot and thought there was just too much blinding white together: So I tried some alternatives with sapphires and amethyst: Heavy weight Beaders Secret would not back knot through the keshi and regular weight knots slipped back into the big guys, so I ended up stringing the tiny...
  12. C

    My south sea tin cup summer project

    Oooooh! Lovely necklace! I like the chain with those pearls. The GSS and the WSS work so well together, the moonstones are lovely and your wire wrapping is very well done. The length suits you, as well! Let's see if I can make you right-side up!
  13. C

    Tin cup with Tahitians and WSS

    Thank you all for the compliments. Here's a neck shot - best I could do with my phone and challenging lighting. I've paired it with my WSS pendant.
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    Knarly WSS Baroques - opinions, please

    Since I had such good luck with PS on a WSS pendant, I indulged my wild side with a strand of WSS lumpy-bumpy baroques that had been calling to me from their eBay store. They arrived a couple of days ago. I adore their eccentric nature! It's emphasized even more by the seemingly random...
  15. C

    Tin cup with Tahitians and WSS

    I've been knotting lately, so thought it was time to dig into my growing stash and refresh my muscle memory for wire wrapping. I had some lovely drops from Jac (Pearl House) and some WSS from PS. It's so hard to capture the depth of color on these drops! I threw in a few random WSS keshi...
  16. C

    First WSS Pendant

    I've been ogling the gorgeous simplicity of your SS pendants, so I ventured into eBay (Pearl Society, at y'all's recommendation) and purchased a loose baroque WSS pearl on sale. I got it back from the jeweler yesterday after having the hole drilled to fit the PP "Essentials" setting. I think I...
  17. C

    In Praise of Potato Pearls

    Oh- I forgot to mention that they're knotted on Beader's Secret in "Shell" :) Here's a knot shot with the full length:
  18. C

    In Praise of Potato Pearls

    In my new journey into DIY pearls, I considered the adage that "practice makes perfect" and so ordered some strands of freshwater pearls from Wen on Etsy. They're a lot less expensive than the Tahitians I love and I figured I could get a lot of knotting practice with them. They came in...
  19. C

    My Only Natural Pearl

    My husband gave me the pretty little Art Nouveau pin/pendant for Christmas a couple of years ago. I absolutely adore it!
  20. C

    Tahitian Drops and Keshi - the slide continues

    It's hot outside, so I spent the afternoon on a tin cup with the drops and keshi. There's always someone willing to comment: And here it is! It's on a sterling chain for the time being - until I'm confident enough to work with white gold :rolleyes: