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Search results

  1. Heart

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel jealous looking at all there lovely pearls? if I win a lottery I promise I’d buy the most expensive longest strand from all of the sellers here as a first priority here’s a selfie from a shoot earlier with my beloved south sea strand. I’ve posted it here...
  2. Heart

    Difference between the fake pearls please

    Good day lovely people! It’s been months since I’ve posted and I’m back with more questions please. so there’s always explanations on how to differentiate fake from real pearls. But I’ve never found an in-depth description on how the different fake pearls differ. It is important that we are...
  3. Heart

    Japanese Kasumi Pearls -Most colorful- Edison, Akoya, South sea, Freshwater, Tahitian

    Light from window :3 Photo from my shoot is a bit too far to see the Kasumis hehehe
  4. Heart

    Japanese Kasumi Pearls -Most colorful- Edison, Akoya, South sea, Freshwater, Tahitian

    Hello everyone ! Hope you’re all doing well ! Just wanted to share photos of my Japanese kasumi necklace. It was shipped to my mamas house in Australia , while I was frolicking in Greenhills ( ´ ▽ ` ) So I put it side by side with all of my other necklaces. I hope that it’s a good enough side...
  5. Heart

    Greenhills pearls

    I’d give a range of around 3,000 - 4,000 aus dollar (depending on exchange rate), for this long necklace :) it’s usually only the princess length for this price but she’s able to give me plenty cause there’s one rich Chinese buyer before me and she said she’s able to get her initial back plus a...
  6. Heart

    Greenhills pearls

    Thank you 💕 (о´∀`о) I certainly feel like it too when i put it on.
  7. Heart

    Greenhills pearls

    hello miss Octavia of course 💕
  8. Heart

    Greenhills pearls

    I used to always ask about pearls , I thought for a change , I post pretty photos for everyone! Been to Manila Greenhills recently ! And I wasn’t able to resist buying a south sea strand. I feel poorer now but I definitely feel pretty wearing this one
  9. Heart

    Good day friends ! 👋🏻 Here to show my chunky necklaces

    Seller said this one is Edison. It looked different from the photo attached but I’ve bought from this seller before and the seller said she thought I’d like it if she game me a bigger and smooth surfaced pearl. I was hoping for a rippled looking one like in their item for sale photos. But this...
  10. Heart

    Good day friends ! 👋🏻 Here to show my chunky necklaces

    Hello everyone ! I’d like to show necklaces that I bought from various online sellers. If possible , pls let me know too if I have been scammed 😭 😆 One is Edison freshwater with what I assume is freshwater without beads mixed in the necklace , one is Chinese kasumi and one is south sea...
  11. Heart

    Help appreciated please !

    Good day everyone ! I was wondering if anyone can help me identify which Type of pearl is this? (The one coiled up nearly and with gold clasp) Please ! I want to give them to my mother but I’m unsure if it’s quality Thank you in advance ! 💕