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    Pearls worn during times of mourning

    I noted while watching sad events broadcast this week of the passing of a political figure, the prominent role that pearls played. So many of the mourners were wearing their beautiful pearls, showing such elegance in their time of sadness. Pearls are always appropriate in times of sorrow as well...
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    My first GSS

    Here are the photos as promise of my new GSS
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    Some guidance on purchasing a Tahitian necklace

    Hi I am in the process of buying a Tahitan necklace from a reputable on line Pearl source. I have narrowed my choice to about 4 strands. I am partial to green Tahitians .i am also tempted by a multicolor strand. Would the multicolor strand be more versatile? Would the green pearls limit me to my...
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    I want to know.....

    Hi! I am brand new to this forum and I love pearls!!! I would like to add to my collection. I have a question regarding my pearls. I purchased two strands of Tiffany pearls about 15 years ago. One strand is 7.5-8mm 18 inch akoya pearls with the 18kt signature clasp. The second strand are...