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    I.d. on baroque pearls? I cant figure out how to post text, so will comment in thread with details, thanks!

    Strand is about 16 inches long, and approx 6-7mm, clasp says silver, and contains a cultured pearl. Although the strand is knotted between pearls, I feel they are too tightly strung, and think that they could break easily, and they don't flow Smoothly, but I don't know how baroque pearls behave...
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    How to find legit pearl appraiser

    Hello all, I'm in WA state, near Seattle and Tacoma, and want to get my newest pearl necklace appraised, but am at a loss, as I don't feel the average jeweler is necessarily well informed enough about pearls. Is there anyone near me that is reputable? Thanks in advance, also, what is an average...
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    Pretty pearl choker

    ​ Hello all, long time since I've been active, but I think about you all, and have been hoping everyone has been faring well. I just got these today, and I'm pretty excited, still doing research on them, but wanted to share my latest find! Sorry for repeating pictures, can't figure out how to...
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    Ebay, again seeking input, thanks to all in advance

    ​ ​ ​ UV ​
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    Real ss or just fwp?

    Found this post, curious what the experts on here think of them?
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    Ebay, my rebound Pearl's!

    Bought these about week ago, had been blue over losing my newest ones when I had my purse stolen, and didn't think I was going to get any more for a while, but then I met these ones, and bam! Back at it again! First overtly graduated strand I've bought, and did some pearl reality checks...
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    Little Pearl's from ebay, any good?

    Picked these up right before the last, white ones, so about 3 weeks ago. Won the auction for a whopping sum of 6.50! Was about 11 dollars with tax and shipping, cheapest yet, lol! I had my doubts about their authenticity, but they match all my tests for cultured Pearl's. Gathering more small...
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    White Pearl's, grade, and type?

    These were purchased from Ebay the same week as the ones that were stolen when I recently had my purse stolen while out shopping, been wanting to get some information, they are the whitest strand I have bought so far, think I paid about 75, free shipping, so about 82 with state sales tax. Was...
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    Bling Pearl's, fingers crossed!

    Well, bought these on Saturday, to celebrate a week gone by since I had a thief steal my purse, which had my latest strand inside, and it was totally an impulse buy, rebound Pearl's, if you will, lol! So here's the seller's pics, and I'll post mine after they arrive, unless I have to return them...
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    More Ebay pearls!es I have gotten from Ebay, 7.5mm-

    Latest find! These are largest ones that I've got on Ebay so far, 7.5 to 8mm, 26" long. Curious what the pearl pros think of them, this time I paid 80.00, so they were a little more expensive than I would usually buy, definitely need re-strung, few knots are slipped! Clasp says 14k IWI?
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    Vintage akoyas?

    These are the ones that came in the JS Lizzadro pouch. The pouch itself is very nice, padded velvet, was pretty dusty looking, but the interior was pristine, so I wiped down the outside with plain water. I think that this is my best deal so far, after my strand of tiny ones! They've passed all...
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    More pearls!

    My recent binge of pearl necklace shopping is a little bit embarrassing, but can't help myself! Just recieved these today, and I am not sure if they are real, or shell Pearl's, they passed tooth test, and uv light, have slight blemishes, imperfections, but very well matched for shape, size and...
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    Simpsons sea maid pearls?

    Just wondered if anyone has any information about the company. I don't think they're still in business, pretty vintage looking logo inside box. Thank you!
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    Help with ID on ebay pearl necklace please!

    Got this about a week before the last one I posted, they're very small, probably around 3.75 to 4mm, clasp is sterling. Rope was intact when I took out of the box, knots in between the pearls are grubby, and rope broke at clasp and dislodged one pearl, so gotta restring before I can wear them...
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    Some Pearl's I found on Ebay, bought them for 44 dollars, wondering what type?

    I'm thinking FWP, but need a weigh in by someone who is more knowledgeable than I am, thanks in advance. Will also post my strand of what I think are tiny akoya, which I got on Ebay as well, after these.
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    To buy, or not to buy, that is my question!

    Hi everyone, was just browsing vintage cultured pearls on Ebay, and found these! Looking for advice, so of course I came here to get the best pearl minds to weigh in, worth it or not? had to try screenshot, wouldn't let me upload link, hope this works, thank you in advance, Faith.
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    In search of info on pearl necklace plz

    , these are same 2 w/o uv, but with camera flash, so excuse the glare