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  1. K

    Isabella Rossellini's rope: Are these Tahitians and SSs?

    Can't get an extreme closeup but here is best I can find; it appears to be the long rope minus the akoya.
  2. K

    Isabella Rossellini's rope: Are these Tahitians and SSs?

    Isabella Rossellini has worn this necklace since at least 2005, most recently on a segment of "Finding Your Roots" with Louis Gates. It is an at least 100-inch rope. Any idea what it is? Though some reporters identify it as Tahitian/SS, to me the "SS" look more like CFWs. Whatever it is, she...
  3. K

    Question: How do pearls 'barrel'

    When I took my mother's 40-year old akoyas to an appraiser, she commented that "older pearls eventually take on a barrel shape", and indeed Mom's were no longer round. My question is, how does this happen? Does it happen to all round pearls? Thanks!
  4. K

    Pearls from Phillipines, what do you think?

    (I've never tried to post with an attachment before so hope you can open this.) My friend Vicky bought these pearls in Manila; they are enormous. Obviously dyed. She paid $1000. She told me they are "baroque" but I'd call them (huge) buttons. Any opinions? (She offered it these to me but I...
  5. K

    Pls explain water and orient

    Hi all, Recently looked at a strand of SS dove-gray keshis at a luxury jeweler. Sales person insisted, "Look at the orient on these!" To me, they displayed a soft glowing luster but absolutely no irridescent play of colour. So my question is, What is "water" and is it different from "orient"...
  6. K

    Reputable sellers on eBay

    Hi all, Since EBay world is fraught, thought I'd share a tool that has helped me separate who's naughty and nice: www.toolhaus.org. This search tool pulls up all the neg feedback. I've eliminated sellers who misrepresent size and quality; I will consider those who have not shipped...
  7. K

    Buying pearls in New Delhi

    New to the Forum and grateful for your knowledge, passion & wit! I'll be in New Delhi in march and hope to find some pearls. Anyone know sellers you would recommend? My love is for baroques, orient and colours... life begins at 12mm; character trumps perfection. Also, if any of you are or...