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Search results

  1. Pearl Dreams

    What type of pearls do i have?

    Freshwater pearls don't come naturally in black, gray or gold colors. Those pearls have been dyed. If you ever see freshwater pearls in green, blue, red, garish purple-- they have also been dyed. Natural colors are variations of white/ off white, peach, pink, lavender. Sometimes there are...
  2. Pearl Dreams

    Type of pearls, possibly Mikomoto??

    I have never seen a Mikimoto clasp that looks like that. Absent any known Mikimoto mark (the most recognizable one being the letter "M" inside the outline of a shell) or Mikimoto documentation/receipt, I would assume they are akoyas of some other brand. They really do need to be cleaned and...
  3. Pearl Dreams

    Pearl Farming Pivoting in Fijii!

    "So with the pearls and oysters, we had one such idea where instead of growing a pearl for big size to actually grow the pearl to a smaller size, about the size of a scallop." That's what threw me. But it makes more sense to just be raising the oysters to a smaller size, and not placing a...
  4. Pearl Dreams

    Pearl Farming Pivoting in Fijii!

    That's how I read it too. Very odd.
  5. Pearl Dreams

    Ideas for stringing just three pearls? Help please

    That sounds like the way I would do it, yes, including hiding the tail in a pearl before cutting it off.
  6. Pearl Dreams

    Richelieu Cultured Pearls

    The only Richelieu pearls I've seen are imitations, but it seems they also had a genuine cultured akoya line at one time. There are vintage advertisements listed on eBay for such, and even one graduated cultured necklace + screw-back earrings set listed for $54 plus shipping. I recommend you...
  7. Pearl Dreams

    Alternative Colours of Griffin Silk?

    I read the ad on Etsy for the seller who carries these colors. She states that she hand-dyes them.
  8. Pearl Dreams

    HELP - EBay Seller Would Like Information about Possible Tahitian?

    1. A seller can decide not to send, no matter if you have paid or not. He can easily refund and cancel the sale. Paying does not protect you. 2. The fact that he stated he is aware of stories that people swap out /return fakes means if you do return them, he could claim that you returned...
  9. Pearl Dreams

    HELP - EBay Seller Would Like Information about Possible Tahitian?

    The colors do not seem right and in the photos the surface seems a bit grainy. The time to have taken them to his jeweler was before listing them. Sorry, I smell a fish. I would not pay.
  10. Pearl Dreams

    HELP - EBay Seller Would Like Information about Possible Tahitian?

    I checked the listing but see that it has already sold. I suppose you are the winner of the auction? If they are real then you got quite a good deal. If not, then I suppose you can file a "not as described" claim. It bothers me that he mentioned an 18K diamond ball clasp in the title, and...
  11. Pearl Dreams

    HELP - EBay Seller Would Like Information about Possible Tahitian?

    Honestly they look like imitations to me. Do you have more photos? If you decide to take a chance on them make sure he takes returns.
  12. Pearl Dreams

    My "Pearling" Story...

    What a lovely torsade! You definitely have caught the pearl bug! :) By all means post more!
  13. Pearl Dreams

    Dyed but South Sea?

    I found the article: https://www.gia.edu/doc/summer-2021-gems-gemology-v2.pdf Scroll down to page 124 for the article entitled: "DETECTION OF COLOR TREATMENT AND OPTICAL BRIGHTENING IN CHINESE FRESHWATER “EDISON” PEARLS"
  14. Pearl Dreams

    New here and need advice

    To my eye they look like dyed FWP.
  15. Pearl Dreams

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing….

    The surface looks a bit rough under magnification; they could be imitation. Try rubbing the pearls together gently...see if they glide smoothly against each other. Imitation would feel smooth; nacre would feel gritty.
  16. Pearl Dreams

    I need your advice.

    There's the Better Business Bureau for starters. Find the one for the district your vendor is in.
  17. Pearl Dreams

    I need your advice.

    This could be a viable alternative. The company may not be willing to lose the sale but may be willing to issue credit. (Of course the question is, do you trust them to get it right the next time?)
  18. Pearl Dreams

    I need your advice.

    So sorry this is happening to you. That is a lot of money. I would absolutely not send them back without authorization. At the minimum, you would undoubtedly have to pay shipping to have them returned to you-- plus customs duties, if you were to have them shipped to yourself overseas. I'm...
  19. Pearl Dreams

    I need your advice.

    One more thought: are you certain the person you were corresponding with is the actual, current owner of their company? If she is not the owner, she may not have the authority to override the return policy. Is there someone higher up in the company that you could discuss the matter with?
  20. Pearl Dreams

    I need your advice.

    I applaud the gracious extension of the return window by Pearl Paradise, given your circumstances. They were not obligated to do so but it's kind, and IMO makes good business sense, as a satisfied customer may become a return customer. Regarding the 2nd vendor, were you still within the 90 day...