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Search results

  1. pattye

    Tahitian Pearl color identification

    Hi Johnson6, I'm not clear just which photo looks most like your pearl! What a fun souvenir of your Hawaiian trip. Tahitian pearls are readily available these days and the value of a single pearl will differ based on the quality. An appraisal will likely cost more than the value of your...
  2. pattye

    Any info on these please

    Wow, that's a special clasp! The pearls are definitely Akoyas; I'm just restringing a vintage strand for a friend with those same blemishes. As Douglas mentioned, it may be possible to salvage enough pearls for a bracelet and put that gorgeous clasp on higher-quality pearls.
  3. pattye

    Stringing Tutorial with photos: Stringing on Serafil, Beaders Secret & Power Pro

    Very well done, Pegleit! I would never have known this was your first stringing work!
  4. pattye

    My First Baroque

    Kerwinkiffy, What a lovely start to your pearl collection! Please do show us your SSP when you choose one. Being able to choose pearls in person is the best!
  5. pattye

    Want to turn this into a knotted endless necklace, can’t find the tutorials!

    Lovely rope, Breeble! Excellent knotting, too!
  6. pattye

    Bleached Pearls

    Gosh, this is very sad, pearls and girls! Usually the smell will disappear with time. Often Tahitian keshi may smell and can be flushed with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, half and half, in a syringe. Then rinse with clear water and let dry completely. One of our other members told...
  7. pattye

    SSEF Pearl Prizes!!! Check them out!

    Well, that was a fun quiz, Douglas! I missed one, oops! I hope one of us wins!
  8. pattye

    Want to turn this into a knotted endless necklace, can’t find the tutorials!

    Breeble, Thanks for contacting me on etsy; I've sent you info via their message system. If you have more questions, please post them here. The discussions are often helpful for our other knotters and an opportunity for all of us to problem solve and share tips! Pearl Dreams knotting tutorial...
  9. pattye

    Pearl Earbuds - yay or nay?

    Good point, JerseyPearl!
  10. pattye

    Hello and welcome! Are you asking about the necklace you are wearing in your photo? We'd love...

    Hello and welcome! Are you asking about the necklace you are wearing in your photo? We'd love to help if you can post a photo of the necklace on a white paper towel or white napkin; it helps us see the pearls more clearly.
  11. pattye

    Pearl Earbuds - yay or nay?

    Not sure what the price range is, but I love the idea!
  12. pattye

    Andrew Moline pearls

    Just my opinion ~ Andrew is a professional photographer, so his pearl photos should be excellent. There is no way to compare necklaces or any pearl item from various companies unless you have them right in front of you looking at them together under the same lighting. Paying for a "personal...
  13. pattye

    Blue Akoya Custom Tin Cup, Bracelet and Earrings for Client

    How about these lovely deep blue baroque akoya pearls! I was delighted when our forum member PT asked me to collaborate with her on making this dreamy set of jewelry in solid 14K and requested I share it with you all! PT had purchased this colorful strand from Cees. I hope she will add photos...
  14. pattye

    In search of info on pearl necklace plz

    Faith, thank you for sharing so many photos. I'm not sure what you have here. To me, the color looks more creamy like freshwater pearls. Where I'd like you to examine your necklace very closely is at the drill holes. Look at the holes where the thread is stretch a little and you can bend the...
  15. pattye

    Kamoka Pearls featured on NPR segment!

    My D-I-L called me yesterday, "OMG, your pearl guy, Josh, is on NPR! We're in the car listening to him!" Here's the awesome interview, photos and article ~
  16. pattye

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Motto: At least wear pearl earrings! Motto: At least wear pearl earrings! Celebration walk across the Tilikum Crossing Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland (with son Mark, the photo guy) Wearing Tahitian keshi stud earrings, a purchase from long ago! What was I celebrating? Well...
  17. pattye

    Knotty problems finishing an endless necklace

    The diagram doesn't make sense to me either.
  18. pattye

    Advice on thread colour with pondslime pearls

    Here's another option ~ Black! These are some funky, imperfect pondslime from my personal collection. The handmade "quote" bead is from artist Anne Choi and reads "MAD BAD AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW." She has amazing beads!
  19. pattye

    New Lavender Purple Baroque Strand

    My apologies for the late update ~ This strand has grown on me, as they sometimes do. It does have good luster and few blemishes. When I get a strand I'm not sure of, I give it time to "wake up" or maybe it's me that wakes up, lol. So the strand just hangs out where I can observe it over...