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    2016 JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards - Pearls Edition

    Another year, and another stunning array of jewels from the JCK Jeweler's Choice Awards! For some Friday "Eye Candy" I thought I'd showcase the winning pearl designs (and there are some doozies!). Enjoy! Maui Divers took home a prize in Best Ring Designs with this 18K Yellow Gold and...
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    Pearl Galleons

    A friend of mine found these and posted them to my Facebook Wall. I was just tickled pink with these incredible creations, and knew I had to share with PG! Aren't these amazing?! Not all of the pearls are genuine, cultured pearls but that's ok - the finished galleons are just really...
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    New Hoops!

    Fabulous - I am a HUGE fan of pearl hoop earrings! I think they combine the elegance of pearls with a beautiful Gypsy/BoHo feel that I can't resist. :cool: The pearl rings are stunning - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sizes you've chosen. As far as I'm concerned when it comes to pearl pendants and pearl...
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    Faberg? pearl egg

    Forbes.com just posted an update on the Egg, which was on display at Baselworld!! I wish the photos were a bit better, but still they're better than nothing! You can just catch a glimpse of the natural pearl nestled inside ... "It is a bejeweled egg created with precious and rare...
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    Dripping in Pearls?.. Literally!

    That's a good point! I doubt the dress could fit in the hotel vault, lol, and she was probably doing the Hollywood 'circuit' after the Oscars, but still should have made better arrangements for a dress as valuable as this.
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    Dripping in Pearls?.. Literally!

    I saw a close up of the bodice and it looked like there were some smaller drop-shaped FW in there (bottom right of the picture)
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    Dripping in Pearls?.. Literally!

    Found the flower that Felicity Jones' dress reminds me of! :) I see it all the time when I'm out on a hike in the Spring and Summer. It's called Claytonia perfoliata, also sometimes called Winter Purslane or Miner's Lettuce. :D
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    Dripping in Pearls?.. Literally!

    Jones' dress is stunning - the back reminds me of a certain type of lily ... I can't place the flower right now, but it's on the tip of my tongue! But I can't get over Lupita's dress - it's incredibly gorgeous, and SO well put together! But then, I love just about everything she wears, her...
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    ABC's GMA Why Some Pearl Necklaces May Not Last

    I hadn't quite looked at the article in that light, but now that you mention it, it did seem to make quite a few blanket statements and focus on the negative rather than do their best to educate consumers. Hmmm.
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    The Marquis of Fashion Decrees: Pearl Lapel Pins are IN

    So, this was a fun collaboration that I thought I'd share. Men's pearl jewelry doesn't really have a lot of options, but I think (I hope!) that this takes off just a tiny bit :) I got together with Mark St. James, the Marquis of Fashion to create a Tahitian Pearl Lapel Pin recently. He's been...
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    Caf? Au Lait and Pearls

    I know. My hat collection is woefully lacking a beret too. But I'll get one, if only so I can re-create this adorable outfit! I forgot to post this close-up of the rope - it just really looks so good on, I'm surprised we don't sell more of these!
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    Caf? Au Lait and Pearls

    My friend Stephanie from Dots & Honey asked if she could do a "Fall Photo Shoot" using one of our Freshwater pearl ropes. This is exactly the type of outfit I like to wear to the office, and I couldn't be more pleased with how her photos turned out! What do you guys think - is this an outfit...
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    Pearl Rings for Larger Hands

    IcyJade you are SO lucky!! An Emiko ring?!?! It looks amazing, adorable and like so much fun to wear! SeaUrchin, I've fallen for your original solitaire with diamond eternity bands - what a great idea! Now I wonder if I shouldn't do something similar to mine ... This solitaire was pretty much...
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    Creamy Pink Golden white pearls

    Those are all definitely cultured akoya pearls; the clasp doesn't appear to me to be vintage ... I found a very similar one from one of my clasp suppliers in 14KW. It's hard to tell from the photos, but antique akoya pearls take on a very distinct deep cream color that I'm just not picking...
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    Taylor Swift, Akoya Pearls and People Magazine

    I do too, Katbran. :) I think those pearls are 7.0-7.5mm, maybe a 20 or 22-inch matinee length. Just a guess, but the size seems right. Definitely the pearls look much better, but I'm sure that's just advances in photography at work. What I like particularly about her picture is (besides the...
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    Taylor Swift, Akoya Pearls and People Magazine

    I saw Taylor Swift on People's 40th Anniversary magazine edition today, and she looks amazing! Just goes to show that the classic white akoya pearls haven't lost their appeal I guess. I have always enjoyed her retro style. What do you guys think? Gorgeous cover, or meh? :)
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    Mabe Pearl holders

    Hmmm ... What about DIY? Get some double-sided earthquake tape (or similarly sticky material) and mount the mab?s on some burlap or other interesting material - I find that white, pale grey or tan are the best colors for showing off pearls, with as little distracting texture as possible. Mount...
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    What are these?

    They didn't look like keshi to me, either - I always thought that keshi have a silky, textured surface and are almost always free-form in shape, like these Tahitians (below). I know that FW is completely different from Tahitians, and would have slightly different characteristics, but I think the...
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    Mabe Pearl holders

    Have you tried those transparent jewel cases? I'm not a huge fan because I don't like the top of the case bumping and/or possibly scratching the tops of the mab?s, but it will keep them from moving around and they are easy to look at and see your pearls (they look great all set up in a booth...
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    multicolor tahitians

    Hi Bailey, welcome to the Forum! :) I personally love that necklace- it's gorgeous and I would put it on my site in a heartbeat. Beautiful colors (and I am a sucker for great color) done in an artistic layout with a center section that packs a lot of punch. :)