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    What naturals are pink?

    Hi All, Does anyone know what these pearls are, particularly the pink pearl. They do appear to be little naturals around 4 to 5mm in size but I don't have the exact sizes, yet. The pink pearl intrigues me. It is adorable :) Dawn - Bodecia http://www.ebay.com/sch/dawncee333/m.html eBay...
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    Are these Arabian Gulf (Basra) pearls? Opinions wanted

    Hello some more pearls needing opinions. These are are app 5 to 7mm. Varying widths. The coral beads are 6mm so it is not hard to see the various sizes. I think they may be Arabian Gulf pearls. Once again I do not have them with me so cannot give more information. They do not look like...
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    Are these River Pearls???? Opinions Please

    Hi All, What is the opinion on these freshwater pearls. Are they River Pearls? They look like it to me but freshwater naturals are not my forte although I knew, just knew, that Andrea aka madsciencechic's big whites had to be naturals. So maybe my eye is coming into recognising river pearls...
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    Opinions on these Pearls please

    Hi All, This is a pearl ring I have not yet added to my thread "Dawn's Pearls" - under "Show Us Your Pearls" - I will do so a little later if time allows. I am wondering what our experts think of it. Could it be a natural pearl. If there is a reasonable possibility I will list it to send...
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    Dawn's Pearls

    As promised I have finally found some time to take photos of some of my pearl pieces. Mainly rings at this time but more things later and I will only start with a few and add as I have time. I have no idea what type of pearl this is. Except a large beautiful pink. Now in a ring it has...
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    What do you think - Large Pendant with Pearls

    I am wondering what PGers think about this type of necklace. It is a large pendant called a Belle Epoque from around the 1880s or so I was informed with old cultured pearls. The pearls have an extremely thick nacre. I can see this from wear around 2 of the drill holes. When I say thick I...
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    Golden, Bronze, Pink Plus Pearl Ring - Opinions Wanted

    This is a pearl ring that I added to another thread a while back. Think it was KiwiPauls's thread. Sorry Paul :) I was asked for better photos and so decided to start a thread for it. It is a beautiful pearl - in an antique setting with some old diamonds. I love it. My favourite. But...
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    Basra Pearl? Opinions

    I love this pearl. It measures 7mm x 5mm app. Hard to measure. It looks so different under different lights. Goes from gold, to bronze to a creamy gold and even a blue. Needs a clean too. My photos don?t show the lustre as it really is because it is really wonderful. Will take better...
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    Possibly, maybe Mississippi Pearl? But please correct.

    I believe this may be a so called Mississippi Pearl, not sure but it seems to have the right lustre. Once again I do intend to have it certified and won't list it in my site until I do. I am not sure what kind of pearl it might be really. These photos are not good. Did take better ones but...
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    South Sea Black Natural pearl? Opinions please.

    I believe this is a natural black pearl from the South Seas, possibly around the Tahitian Islands. To me it has the shape, surface and lustre of a natural. Plus the slightly hammered look. Would love some opinions on it. I do intend to send it for certification asap. That depends on sales...
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    Think I have found another Poe Pipi

    Hi All and especially kiwipaul, It is just a coincidence but I came across what I believe to be a Poe Pipi on eBay yesterday. It is 5mm in diameter and looks to be a little deeper. This is one, when I get it, that I will be sending for certification first. I haven't done a search on eBay...
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    Name of item to remove glue from pearls. Help.

    Hi all, I know there is a great product available in America for disolving glue from pearls. But, I have forgetten the name of it and have no idea how I can get hold of it. Some please do help me with name and sellers. Also instruction how to use it would be helpful. Thanks so much...
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    What kind of pearl is this?

    Hi all, haven't been online lately due to ill health but have started lurking again :) and will hopefully check the posts everyday again. This is a very large antique pearl and I wondered what the opinions on it were. I think it is beautiful and so very big. I also have my opinion on what...
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    Natural Tahitian?

    Hello again, These are beautiful Tahitian pearls but they are NOT natural pearls which could be very misleading for buyers and all in general. I have just listed the one and only Natural Tahitian pearl I have every seen and believe me it looks nothing like these. I think you actually...
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    Gorgeous Tahitian Pearls

    Hi all, Just had to share these with you all. These are so unusual and stunning. I love them but I have done my dash recently with Tahitians and all spending. I just can't buy more at the moment. But oh I love them and wish I could. http://www.ebay.com/itm/310358994489 have a look -...
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    What kind of Pearl in a ring is this?

    Hi all, This pearl appears to be non nacreous to me. But maybe better eyes and those with more experience may be able to give some information about it. Dawn - Bodecia http://stores.ebay.com/Dawns-Designer-Collections Natural pearl collector and all round pearl lover
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    A Strange One - Help What is it????

    This is obviously something on a Stick Pin. But what??? I have actually had this for a few years now and was sorting through my bead and pearl boxes a few days ago and re-found it. I tend to lose thing. I thought it was weird when it came in the mail about 8 or so years ago. I still...
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    Another Stick Pin Pearl - Blue Bottomed Basra???

    I call this type of pearl a Blue Bottomed Basra. This one I recently bought alone with my Abalone Pearl stick pin. I was very happy when I opened the package to spill these beauties out. I have another 2 or 3 blue bottomed basras - loose now but were set in an older piece. I rather like...
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    Pearls in Antique Stick Pins - Any Ideas???

    This is one of my Blister pearls in a Stick pin and I am hoping someone can advise me as to what kind of pearl it is. I do have an idea but I have no way to be sure. But it looks like it to me. That being a Natural Blister Pearl - Pteria penguin . But I could be way out. It also looks...
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    Antique Pink Conch Pearl

    Hi All, I guess I must be trying to collect every type of pearl that exists because I bought this one tonight. It is 6.5 x 3.5 mm and as you can see is on a Stick Pin or Hat Pin. Not that I will be using it that way. I suppose it will be half drilled the long way. Not sure what I will do...