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Search results

  1. KarinK


    I still lament about the rings Kojima had where Tahiti pearls were set in dragon claws that I didn't buy in time. Today this led to me to see what else is around that I can use to take some of the 'nice' out of wearing pearls. My only claw catch are these on Etsy...
  2. KarinK

    From SSP stash

    It turned out that while I don't really have a Tahitian stash, I do have a SSP stash - that I had forgotten about. So I made this wire wrapped bracelet the other day. Very happy with it :-) In the pictures I'm wearing it with my 22k Indian gold bracelet - from Chicago.
  3. KarinK

    Pearls on leather

    I looked up a name dropped by eolian pearls in the Pearls in Action thread, https://www.terremerlove.com/designs Oh wow! I also saw some prices at some dealers website. No way. But there are so many ideas for own designs to be had from this it makes me want to ask if there are any leads for...
  4. KarinK

    Updating my strand

    I had one Akoya strand, baroque and very pretty except I have never really been comfortable with it being bleached and pinked. I know it's common practice but it feels wrong to me. So I've been eyeing untreated white strands except they are Hanadama quality with a price tag to match. I ended up...
  5. KarinK

    What to use for tiny keshi?

    Years ago I made a three stranded bracelet with akoya keshi and morganites. And I never used it, in part because I strung it on silk but it is thin and dainty that I am afraid to break it. I was thinking about making it into a choker length necklace for layering but I am not sure what to use...
  6. KarinK

    Unique ring

    I'm more than a year late with posting this amazing creation by our very own la_corsetiere / Sheri: The shell is a casting in silver of a perfect shell that Sheri found that she has used for other projects too. The inside has enamel in shimmering pink. I provided the pistachio...
  7. KarinK

    18 months of pearls in one photo

    Still exhausting and hard work around here and that shows in my pearl collection. I thought I had moved past consolation purchases but I guess not. At the top is my older Kamoka strand, then GSSP special, barogue akoya, white Tahitians from the Christmas special and finally blue Vietnamese...
  8. KarinK

    Not sure what to do for clasp

    Since I got my strand of Kamoka Tahitians they have lived as a bracelet and a necklace, both interspaced with a variety of stones or gold pearls. Now I am beginning to feel it might be time to make one full necklace. But I don't know what to do for clasp. Ideally I would like something flashy...
  9. KarinK

    Baroque akoya

    Hi All, I am very quiet these days, I know. I do lurk :) Most days I don't even remember to put on any jewelry at all as we are still under a lot of pressure here. But resently I was reminded that largish white pearls are on my bucket list and right now, gasp!, I have taken the jump and bought...
  10. KarinK

    Need two small half drilled akoya

    This summer I bought a pair of earring findings from Sven at Augustus. I don't have a photo right now but they are long, granulated cones in the usual warm, amazing 22k gold. They have a post at the end for - something. Unless I can find a pair of affordable, half-drilled rubies in good quality...
  11. KarinK

    Rainbow loom

    Has anyone not yet seen the colourful bracelets made from small elastic bands by children all over? Anyway, my 10 year old daughter just got a loom and today she made me a necklace from elastic bands I'll actually be excited to use (granted, it was made to order). It's all in black. I've...
  12. KarinK

    What kinds of freshwater did we have around 1978, 1982?

    First of all, I promise to post pictures tomorrow! Going over my old earrings now Ida, my daughter, got her ears pierced I'm a little puzzled about two pairs of pearl posts. They look very similar, soft baroque buttons, app. 5 mm. One pair is white, the other grey. I remember buying a pair...
  13. KarinK

    What is the best non-allergic material?

    Today my darling daughter summoned more courage than ever before in her ten years of living, and green in the face and tears in her eyes from fear she had her ears pierced. I have a sweet pair of half drilled vintage akoya I want to make into posts for her as she will need something other than...
  14. KarinK

    Went shopping today

    While it's true I have only a few (high class) pearl items on my wish list, I do have some projects. Today I got caught in the welknown dilemma: should I buy cheaper solutions and be able to wear the styles I would otherwise miss or should I wait, save and get better quality? Well, today I...
  15. KarinK

    Calling rope owners

    I'm getting convinced that a rope would be something I'd use a lot with my current wardrope. But what length? Perhaps people here could chime in with length and size (preferably photo as well) of their pearl rope(s)? Comments about wearing one are welcome too. There are some posts scattered...
  16. KarinK

    The value of pearls

    Sue raises an interesting point in her thread about the value of her akoya pearls. I've begun to see pearls as a commodity rather than any kind of investment (not that I ever bought expensive pearls), but the idea that pearls are valuable is sooo deeply rooted in people. Maybe it goes back to...
  17. KarinK

    Nacra synthesized by Cambridge University

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2178339/Pearl-Natures-finest-creations-synthesised-labs-Cambridge-University.html#ixzz21b1UKiX4 I'm sorry if I'm double posting. I can't think the more knowledgable members of PG have missed this one. I found the reference over on gemology-online...
  18. KarinK

    What to do with drilled through Kasumis when earhooks have wire for half drilled?

    My two lovely Kasumi pearls are heading for a pair of high carat gold hooks (not the diamonds I originally considered in the Tiara thread - too "busy" for these pearls). For another 7 days there is a sale on the ones I want...
  19. KarinK

    That's what you get...

    Okay, I waited a few days to decide if I was going to went this or not. Obviously I decided in favour :) One of my regular places for buying gem stone beads for my creations is Gemphora. For a while they have been listing some Akoya baroque, but their choice of word finally made me join the...
  20. KarinK

    Morganite beads?

    As I intend to also use them with pearls, I hope I am not completely off topic here :) Do any of you ladies out in the big world know of a good source for morganite beads? I am looking for the clear, transparent ones, preferably facetted, coins or roundelles. - Karin