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Search results

  1. lilliefuzzysocks

    Another pearl scam - Fuersm.com

    Intellectual Property Rights? This is crazy. Here they are stealing others photos and content and they are calling out others that might steal theirs?
  2. lilliefuzzysocks

    Freshwater Pearls found in French River...

    Your theory makes sense Pearl Dreams. Many foolishly have purchased huge collections of these mediocre freshwaters because they were deceived into thinking they were worth much more. There are too many of the same type size and quality to be another reason.
  3. lilliefuzzysocks

    Black and white pearl strand - maker?

    When you zoom in the white beads have a odd drill hole and the black have a odd lacquered like coating.
  4. lilliefuzzysocks

    Before I butcher these and attempt to restring them myself can I check they are just dyed freshwater ones!

    Breeble, Most thread is too thin and the knots will slide into the drill hole. Pattye's product line of threads will work perfectly for you and they are a inexpensive way to learn to knot. Don't forget the big eye needles she sells and the gimp for your clasp area.
  5. lilliefuzzysocks

    WOW! You must have been so excited with this first harvest, and those ever since. I wish I...

    WOW! You must have been so excited with this first harvest, and those ever since. I wish I could have come, and tried unsuccessfully to watch online. I did see the photos on this forum though. It looks like the venue and the presenters were wonderful...
  6. lilliefuzzysocks

    First pearl stringing!

    Nice job. It turned out beautifully.
  7. lilliefuzzysocks

    Natural Pearls from the Gulf of California-Mexico

    I bought this wild pearl from Douglas at the 2017 Ruckus. Thanks to the fishermen who found it.
  8. lilliefuzzysocks

    Opinion on Black Freshwater Upgrade?

    These are the AAA dyed freshwaters from PP on the left, AA+ dyed akoya from PP in the center and commercial grade pearl party strand from Vantel on the right.
  9. lilliefuzzysocks

    GIA Certified Natural Pearls on Ebay

    Earlier this year a woman found a strand of pearls at a thrift store and came to PG to ask about them. Jeremy told her he thought they were wild natural pearls and to contact the GIA and have them tested. She did and the strand is genuine, wild and truly beautiful. Her strand was posted on...
  10. lilliefuzzysocks

    What did the poor pearls do to deserve this?

    Yikes, That is terrible. It looks like a new version of Pearl Party garbage pearls.
  11. lilliefuzzysocks

    What on Earth Did I Do Wrong?

    I love it too. It comes in several thicknesses and numerous colors. The knots don't get fuzzy like silk and doesn't stretch
  12. lilliefuzzysocks

    2nd knotting - kojima bracelet

    Suchi, I haven't had that problem since I switched to beaders secret. If you find you do on other pearls you may want to switch to the #40 weight of Beaders secret instead of the #30. It comes in some of the colors that #30 does. The colors with the star next to them come in #40
  13. lilliefuzzysocks

    Anyone purchased from echen88 on Ebay? What do you think of their pearls?

    These sure have a glossy surface. They don't look like the ones in my collection.
  14. lilliefuzzysocks

    ??Sea of Cortez Pearls??

    Sarah may still have this Sea of Cortez piece too. The bottom portion detaches.
  15. lilliefuzzysocks

    How often do you wear your pearls?

    You may want to buy a pendant. Some settings have solid backs so if you're wearing sunscreen it doesn't touch the pearl. I wear pearls daily. Mostly tahitian strands.
  16. lilliefuzzysocks

    What are these pearls

    Sanded almost in half with a emery board
  17. lilliefuzzysocks

    What are these pearls

    There are other photos of freshwaters either sanded in half with sand paper or crushed with a hammer.
  18. lilliefuzzysocks

    Some guidance on purchasing a Tahitian necklace

    I have bought both types you mention from Pearl Source. I found I wore the multi color a lot more than the solid green strand. They are both beautiful though. One thing you do want to check though, How many pearls on the strand are larger? I bought many strands there, and if you bought a...
  19. lilliefuzzysocks

    Help me identify a maker's mark on a 14k pearl clasp...

    QVC sells Honora pearls and their items have a logo trademark.
  20. lilliefuzzysocks

    2 Vintage Unmarked Rings With Pearly Settings

    Pattye, The ring I had made for my husband was created with Elk Ivory collected by a gentleman from the Nez Pearce tribe in Lewiston , Idaho. He had a small sack with the pairs (40 or so) they sold my jeweler friend. Anyway, the pairs are mirror pairs and you can match them up and then...