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Search results

  1. Camelotshadow

    My old 10mm & new (old) 10.5mm studs.

    Not bought a pearl in a few years. I guess I have always been drawn to this color. The studs on the left are my old 10mm 18K yellow gold with mecan backs. I got bit by the Tahitian bug again & was drawn to a 10.5mm similar pair on ebay in 18K white gold. I esp like the thick backs which come in...
  2. Camelotshadow

    Is this pearl Akoya? I am not sure?

    I have had this ring listed for over 6 months & was going to remove it as I will be going away for a few weeks & did not want it to sell while I was gone. Then next day I get a real low offer of $175 for a 4 gram white gold ring with 6 small diamonds. The pearl is about 8.3 to 8.5mm. It's...
  3. Camelotshadow

    Gold/ Yellow Akoya

    Rare? Good? Certainly could be 9.1mm? How would one tell the difference with gold south sea? I got a pair of really peachy colored pearls about 7mm awhile back & have them to my Mom. Guess they could be freshwater too? I guess I just thought they were off color but they were really golden...
  4. Camelotshadow

    Interesting Mabe Pearl Plat Ring

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Platinum-0-40ct-Diamond-amp-Maby-Pearl-Ring-/182643341399?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=1EvILgCd9Yf0qfF5NfZtkfkgLs0%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc Was watching this one but it ended early this AM. I don't do early decisions too well & I was...
  5. Camelotshadow

    Natural GIA ID Pinctada radiata earrings for discussion

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-White-Natural-Pearl-8mm-Diamond-Leverback-Earrings-in-Yellow-Gold/272136320670?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 8mm...supposed orange toned, GIA certified... Is Pinctada radiata the oyster of Bahran? Sort of unassuming pearl/ Setting...
  6. Camelotshadow

    Chipped Pearls

    I have these unmarked platinum earrings with a supposed gold south sea pearl from the E place. I dropped an earring on a tile floor & a chunk of ?nacre" chipped off yesterday. At first inspection of damage I saw shiny tiny particles like glitter. There was one today but it does not appear to...
  7. Camelotshadow

    PJS Pearl Brands Mark on clasp

    Anyone know what PJS stands for next to the 14K? Its on a 18 in strand of 9.3mm dyed to look tahitian freshwater pearls. I've googled it & found some pearl jewelry marked PJS but dont know who the maker is? they cost about $90 Anyone have any info on PJS. The pearls have already been id' as...
  8. Camelotshadow

    Black Pearls...Dyed Freshwater?

    Got these awhile back for under $100, They are 18 in about 9.3mm with a 14k clasp. I guess they are dyed freshwater but woule be nice if they were poor tahitians.
  9. Camelotshadow

    Candliing My Earrings

    Looking with a new eye to pearls on top the maglite. I can see a bead in the Miki 7.7mm of about 1mm nacre I think I can also see the bead in an old 7mm with 1mm bacre. An older pair of 8.2 mm looks like a bead with a nacre of 1.5mm to 1.7mm Now the tough ones A very old pair of pearls with...
  10. Camelotshadow

    UV light & PearL ID.

    I have long wondered how the different types of pearls react to UV light. This article seems to say akoys & freshwater show blue white while south sea will show blue green. I always thought thaat the blue green might signify a cultured pearl but don't know if its specific to a type of pearl...
  11. Camelotshadow

    My 2 Best Graduated Strands Not Mikimoto

    I'm down to really 3 strands of good pearls. I have a 5.1 to 8.8mm 21 inch---Mikimoto\ but these 2 strands compare favorably. A 4.8 to 8.2mm 23 inch Plat Dia Clap strands & a smaller 3.3mm to 7,2mm 17.5 in.
  12. Camelotshadow

    My 31 In Vintage 7mm strand

    Thinking of letting it go as its just not the white silver I like. Not the best color or luster...but still nice & long Wonder how other people feel about the older pearls? I'm pretty sure this is pre 1980's which still makes it about 40 years old How much should I ask for it? 100 pearls 6.8...
  13. Camelotshadow

    Got these large pearls for my Mom with a Grand Clasp.

    I fell in love with the clasp & decided to send them to my Mom. The pearls are old & showing age & color is not best but they were big & I really bought it for the clasp! I can't remember how big the pearls were but least about 9mm.. So what are they? Old beige akoya? They did have someoff...
  14. Camelotshadow

    My Pretty Nice Tahitian Earrings

    Don;t wear them too much but should as I like the soft purple over the black color. They are about 10 10.3mm set in 18K yg with the meccan backs. I was not sure if they were good but seemed 18K with better backs meant something. Going through chemo now so not best time to wear your best pearls...
  15. Camelotshadow

    Help Please. Could these be south sea pearls?

    Hi, I have a concern. I bought online a pair of pearl earrings that are said to be south sea pearls. I really don't know. They are small 8.3mm for ssp but they are in a older setting with transitional cut diamonds which would date the setting to the 40's 50's. I've learned SSP were not cultured...