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Search results

  1. theseventhsphinx

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    ::clapping:: These skills!
  2. theseventhsphinx

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    @jeg The fancy sage/bronze tahitian strand is like...my new goal in life.
  3. theseventhsphinx

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Yes, spellbound is exactly the word! The golden SS strand is singing to me!
  4. theseventhsphinx

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    @jeg The pearls are stunning, especially these rosy bronze beauties, but I love your loose linen dresses, too!
  5. theseventhsphinx

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I almost forgot to show you! Here is a Victorian-inspired photoshoot I styled using 9mm studs, my 100" PP freshwater rope (6.5-7mm), an inexpensive 8 strand freshwater bracelet, and a jade and seed pearl ring.
  6. theseventhsphinx

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    The two strand Tahitian lariat is genius KaySD, so simple yet so effective. I so love a lariat. (We need a heart eyes emoji!)Thanks for mentioning which nail polish this is, I was definitely going to ask! It looks incredible with your fw strand, which are such a great size/length combo.
  7. theseventhsphinx

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Thanks battah! Aaah! I'm so behind! Luvglitz, Bweaves, kalmen22, the Tahitian strands are gorgeous! I really don't know how I am going to decide between baroque and round on that fine day when I can splash out on a strand....I'm leaning toward a multi-color harvest-style strand, though, and...
  8. theseventhsphinx

    pearls & lace

    Lace and silk are obvious pearl accompaniments, which makes lingerie an ideal pairing, no? ;) This is a lovely freshwater tin cup necklace from Etsy shop LiliasTreasures (Thanks, battah!) and absolutely stunning rosy gold (with rose gold findings, naturally, love the hooks on these) ripple...
  9. theseventhsphinx

    Pearlescence golden/pink/lavender ripple dangles

    Sorry that took so long :) Super busy here! Just a quick shot with my phone - shows the size, though!
  10. theseventhsphinx

    Pearlescence golden/pink/lavender ripple dangles

    I like the longer hoop finding too, newberry! Thanks, GemGeek :) MelT: here you go! :D
  11. theseventhsphinx

    Pearlescence golden/pink/lavender ripple dangles

    Stunning golden/lavender/pink (so lovely!) ripples just arrived from Wendy at Pearlescence. Great customer service from them! These are about 13mm, on gold hooks. Love! Wait 'til you see the strand that matches, will try to get a good close-up shot... ...forthcoming!
  12. theseventhsphinx

    pinstripe vignette

    Hi all, I was putting together an outfit and really loved the colors in this shot, thought I'd share ;). The ivory of the pearls really comes through next to the browns and neutrals. This is a PP 8mm necklace and 9mm studs. I often like selecting studs slightly larger than the necklace I'll...
  13. theseventhsphinx

    My 100" rope!

    Was definitely inspired by doubledouble's recent post on 18 ways to wear 100" rope. (So awesome, linked here) http://www.theseventhsphinx.com/fashion/features/lady-lightning/http://www.theseventhsphinx.com/fashion/features/lady-lightning/ This is knotted in a psuedo bow. 6.5-7mm, from PP...
  14. theseventhsphinx

    so many pearls, so few...arms

    It's as if I was trying to figure out how many pearls I could wear in a single frame. Love stacking multi-strand braclets, lately, and wearing a mix of gold and white/ivory. Golden Akoya earrings (PP), Freshadama ring (PP), Cherry Tahitian pendant, potato freshwater bracelets (eBay)...
  15. theseventhsphinx

    Pearls for a Leo

    I wanted to hang this lion head pendant on a long gold chain but didn't have one. Of course my next thought was, why not hang it on some pearls? This is an 8mm PP necklace and 11mm studs. More pics in the post!
  16. theseventhsphinx

    the 6-7mm choker

    Here's an inexpensive little choker I picked up from the eBay seller gw_greatworldpearlfarm. The luster isn't anything special but the pearls are well matched in size and look round enough for my purposes (I like a potato or off-round shape, anyway). I wanted this as more of a costume piece (my...
  17. theseventhsphinx

    white linen (a pearlicious ensemble)

    These are the 8mm PP studs I like so well, the 10mm PP freshadama ring I mentioned before, 2 freshwater potato 8-strand bracelets from eBay, and a gorgeous cherry Tahitian pendant. I love a really simple pendant like this with a white v-neck or button down, and I like pearls against a white...
  18. theseventhsphinx

    leather and pearls

    I always like the contrast of pearls and leather. Pearls go with everything, to be sure, but they go especially well with other natural materials, I think. I really like them with softer, neutral leathers, a brown suede, for example, but the black motorcycle jacket amps up the contrast...
  19. theseventhsphinx

    PP Freshadama ring!

    Thanks all! It does turn some now, especially when my hands are cool and dry, so I think I will size down a little. It's funny how small inconveniences like this can totally put a piece of jewelry or clothing out of rotation. Any solitaire is going to turn if it's not especially snug (I think...
  20. theseventhsphinx

    PP Freshadama ring!

    I picked up a long, long awaited PP Freshadama ring in the spring sale, and so pleased I opted to go for the 10mm size (which is pretty big, I would say! Even on my hand, which is not small). I requested an ivory tone. It's subtle, I think, but there. [paired here with a simple...