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Search results

  1. asurazzy

    Bountiful seahorses!

    Hello there pearl folks! How are you all? Hope you all doing great! I'm just come and go here like a ghost only posting if I got something interesting to show! Finally I have something made for the Fijian pearls I got from Cees! I have a pair of sea horses earrings and a seahorse pendant...
  2. asurazzy

    Greenish SS

    Ohhhhh just snooping around and show my newest greenish Southsea pearls pair I got from Cees. Plan to make them as a dangle earrings.
  3. asurazzy

    Earrings modification.

    Hello PG folks. Just want to post 2 sets of earrings that modified into a pair or earrings. So first pair It's just a simple 18 ct gold hook earrings with fireball freshwater. Second pair is a large 18 ct gold hoop earrings I got for Christmas. I asked hubby if I can modify it or not because...
  4. asurazzy

    Multi color strand from the one n only Ceessss!

    Hello pearl forlks! Meerryy Christmas and happy new year! Anywhooo...I saw this really nice Tahitian strand from Cees facebook and show it to Santa. He said I've been a reaaallyyyy good girl this year and he said I can have it yaayy! So I snapped it quick before anyone else does..and the pearl...
  5. asurazzy

    Cees rikitea strand finally made into a necklace.

    Hi there PG peeps! Do any of you still remember the Rikitea multicolor strand I got from Cees last year? I've been wanting to have it strung into a necklace and its finally done today. I brought it to the local jeweller and asked them to incorporate my 18kt gold seahorse pendant in it and to...
  6. asurazzy

    Unknown Project: big ole golden Southsea pearl.

    So I still have 1 pearl leftover. It is a big golden Southsea pearl. Dunno yet what is the diameter because it was sold by weight. Probably about 19 to 20 mm in diameter. Anyway...I would like to turn it into a massive flower ring with paved rubies ( I have 2 carat of tiny rubies about 100...
  7. asurazzy

    New project: pearl, tourmaline n ametyst earrings.

    Hello! Here I am thinking about new project of my earrings. I have bern thinking about it so might as well going to make it into "being". Long long time ago I bought a pair of pastel fireball pearls from kongspearl. It is pinkish and greenish. I got it for 200$ a pair. Recently I just bought a...
  8. asurazzy

    Black strand finally here. Latest update.

    Hellow fellow pearlies. Long time I'm not here. Been missing you all. A lot of things changed n what not but finally my black strand is here! You know the waaayyyy back ago. I'm veryyyyy happy with the end result. Love the custom made clasp as well. The pearls are bigger than I thought but its...
  9. asurazzy

    This is freshwater instead of southsea pearls isnt it?

    OMG 120 INCH Strand of White South Sea Pearls https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/558628321/omg-120-inch-strand-of-white-south-sea?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=baroque%20south%20sea%20pearl&ref=sr_gallery_40 Saw this at etsy. It look like circled...
  10. asurazzy

    My cheapo WSS bracelet.

    Hi everybodeehh! I just got my cheapo white southsea pearls bracelet I bought from etsy. The vendor name is TheGypsyPearlCo. I bought it for 170 US$. I like it cause its baroques n BIG. Size from 12.3 to 15.58 mm. It have 13 pearls in the bracelet. Maybe Ill take it apart and turn some of the...
  11. asurazzy

    Black strand from Indonesia.

    Hellooww again. Bare with me....my pearl people from Indonesia sent me a picture of my almost finished black strand. Its not an A grade pearls but its big hahaha. Unlike Cees strand which are shiny n colorful n beautifuulll this strand is dark n less lustrous with many imperfections. But this...
  12. asurazzy

    Scrapped that Idea!! 2 bangles r made for me!

    Helooowwwww remember the 2 different size pearls that im planning to make a missmatch earrings??? Well changed my mind and have them made into 2 small bangles. Big silverish pearl with citrine and smaller green pearl with peridot. The bangles are made of 18 ct solid yellow gold. The stones are...
  13. asurazzy

    New Earrings Project

    Helooww. I figured just make a new post about my new earring project. I have just recieved my stones today and I must say I love them! So I will utilise it to set my pearls. First I will make a pair or missmatch earrings. Its missmatched because I have to use 2 different sizes pearls with...
  14. asurazzy

    What should I do with all these??

    Ooohhh went home from work n found a package. Opened it n voila...pearls with very nice color! The blue baroque akoya look like psychedelics fukushima rat poop. I lovee it!! The Fijian are Blue...green..copper...goldenish...ohhh my..my...what should I do with it??? Ring or pendant?? Or both...
  15. asurazzy

    Artistic opinion Pleazeeeee...

    Ellow! I have this greyish blue stone and purple stones given by my mum plus I have this pinkish ripple pearls and big tahitian pearls. So I would like to make a dangle earring out of it. The plan is...the tops will be gold diamond huggies and cascading down with the stones and pearls. The...
  16. asurazzy

    Fiji pearl in Fiji

    Hi there! My bff is in fiji right now and will be back to sydney in 3 days. I asked her to get me some fijian pearl. Anybody can suggest me a good shop to get them? A pendant or pair of earrings. Can she get it at the airport?? My budget is 500$. Thanks!
  17. asurazzy

    Mixed baroque Southsea and Tahitian tincup neckshot.

    Finally after waiting weeks for my necklace its arrived! After being hold because of my name issue. I only have one word name so they kinda confuse with my full name. They usually need 2 words name to be filled in for first name and surname...well I only have 1 word name...had to give them copy...
  18. asurazzy

    Is this South Sea Pearls?

    So in Australia we have gumtree. In this add its stated this necklace from Autore brand and askung price is 5500$. Its a bit flat shapy buttony potatoey shape. Look like freshwater. But its Autore if the seller didnt lie. So its gotta be ssp? Please view this ad: Australia Autore South Sea...
  19. asurazzy


    Is there anybody know about this seller?? Its Xiangmingtan said to be posted in Hongkong. It have all sort of pearls from the hundreds to the thousands. Some are so cheap for its specs. Just wondering if its legit or not. Sorry only have screenshots...not sure how to get links out of ebay app.
  20. asurazzy

    New necklace 'project'.

    Elloooo... I just can not keep my wallet bleeding out to get pearls...so to validate my recent act I just thinking that my latest purchase is a bday gift from me to me! Cause Loreal I'm worth it hahaha! Anyhow...I got my grubby little hands on this light golden baroque SS pearls in photo 1...