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Search results

  1. Tucs

    Does a pearl shortener work well to make 18" strands look like they are 16"?

    Does a pearl shortener work well to make 18" strands look like they are 16"? Hi there, I recently had PP shorten one of my baroque Akoya strands to about 16", and I find that I really like that length on me for certain outfits, but I still would like to have the option of wearing my other...
  2. Tucs

    What do you think of this Tahitian strand?

    Hello, I have been looking for a while for a strand of baroque Tahitians that would appeal to me, and when I saw in the PP blog that they had new strands I contacted them to figure out if they had what I like. I am looking for something very colourful, with green body colour and ideally...
  3. Tucs

    Please help me choose a Tahitian pearl for a ring

    Hello, So I'm going to get a Tahitian pearl ring from PP and was thinking it would be nice to see what the experts think of the candidates. The ring is in sterling silver and I asked PP to show me some choices of peacock Tahitians in the 11-12mm and 10-11mm sizes, with bright, colorful overtones...
  4. Tucs

    My first strand

    Hello, My husband came back from a trip to China and got me a beautiful FW multicolour, 35-inch strand with matching earrings. Just wanted to share a couple of photos; I'm particularly enjoying wearing it as a bracelet, so I can see it better. I already had Tahitian earrings and pendant, but...
  5. Tucs

    Ling Ling in Beijing -- strand of freshwater pearls

    Hello, Back in 2006 and with the help of this board I was able to buy my mother a 10-11mm strand of freshwater pearls with matching earrings from Ling Ling, for my mother. I asked her for the best quality she had. They looked beautiful and, to my untrained eye, perfectly round, clean with good...