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    Amazing collection of golden pearls

    Hello everyone, My jaw dropped on a recent visit to a popular pearl on line site. Absolutely beautiful pearls, seriously heart stopping. More info please.
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    Do pearls hold their value?

    Do pearls hold their value? This question came to me after reading the "Vintage Mikimoto Pearl" thread.
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    Like to know how to thread pearls-where do I start?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to learn how to thread pearls and need to know the basics and where to start. Ideally, I'd like to practice on less expensive pearls to see first if I can do this before I try my hand on my dream pearls (still to come). Eventually I'd like to gain enough confidence to...
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    Lovely Tahitian strands

    I came across the a beautiful catalogue that featured pearls in an interesting and lovely manner. The first strand features a tahitian pearls that go from grey to black. The second is a beautiful 52" strand that includes Gold, White and Tahitian baroque pearls. .
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    What do you think of this offer on Beyond the Rack? White Tahitian

    http://www.beyondtherack.com/event/sku/22331/NATVNH7758 14k White Gold, White Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Ring $3519.00 sale Price:$1439.99 Item NATVNH7758 SIZE size chart QTY ADD TO BAG Indigenous to the waters of French Polynesia, the Tahitian pearl is one of nature's finest, rarest...
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    Fair Trade SS Pearl white/gold

    Does any one know of farmers, producers, etc., that practice fair trade and utilize well regarded industry production practices in the pearl industry for whites/golds?
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    Did I pay too much for my Tahitian Baroque Necklace

    Hello Jeremy, Sorry for the poor quality of photos, most are not true to the strand. Here is my last photo attempt. I consider this a "lessons learned" and am back to doing better homework.
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    Did I pay too much for my Tahitian Baroque Necklace

    Hello Jeremy, I hope this helps, hard to get a good photo that is close up and colour accurate. (backdrop: snow in back yard)
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    Did I pay too much for my Tahitian Baroque Necklace

    [ATTACH]Thank you Jeremy, I need need to train my eye to pick up overtones. I'm submitting couple of new photos in daylight against a white background- still not clear. I see silver/blueish/green. What do you see?
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    Did I pay too much for my Tahitian Baroque Necklace

    About six months ago, before finding you, I purchase a Tahitian Baroque Necklace from a reputable jeweler in Canada. It is 18' in totoal, pearls diameter 11.00 to 13.5mm with an 18Kt whitegold with diamonds clasp. No mention of grade but appears to be relatively free of blemishes. The pearls are...
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    Looking to purchase ss golden pearl necklace

    I'm new to your forum and I hope you can help me. I'm looking at purchasing golden SS pearl necklace but I'm unsure if I should risk buying pearls on line. I'm not considering buying anything on ebay but what about companies that sell on-line. The prices vary greatly. Would you advise me on the...