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  1. BAS

    GSS set, aka, "There's no such thing as a free lunch":

    In the Fall, my bff from college treated me to a sushi lunch so we could catch up. Over lunch she admired my baroque silver/blue akoya set, wishing she had pearls other than "black and white" (Tahitian and WSS). She wished she had golden pearls. I asked her if she was serious, because I knew...
  2. BAS

    WSS Drops:

    I bought a WSS strand a couple of Ruckuses ago and had asked Hisano to keep an eye out for perfect smooth WSS drops in a white that would match my strand. Shows came and went with Hisano hunting for my perfect pair. This past show VOILA! The pair appeared and Hisano sent me pictures from HK...
  3. BAS

    Sea of Cortez Mabes!

    Dear Fellow Pearl Lovers -- I am beyond delighted to present glamour shots of my mabes gorgeously set by John at PP!!! I fell in love with Douglas' mabes after seeing Pattye and Caitlin's pictures. In 2013 I emailed Douglas and he picked 4 glorious mabes from his current harvest. I had...
  4. BAS

    A Year of Pearls in the Life of a Pre-K Teacher:

    Fellow Pearl Peeps. Wanna join me on a pearl adventure through the eyes of a 4 year old? I am a Pre-K Teacher and will be wearing pearls to school every day this year. I am challenging myself to post a quick shot of whatever pearls I am wearing each day to keep a record of what my pumpkins...
  5. BAS

    Little H finestrino/geode peridot set:

    I bought the lovely finestrino pendant during the Ruckus and Hisano made two sets of peridot geode earrings as options to go with the pendant. I chose the longer souffle earrings. Such a lovely and elegant set -- perfect for warm weather!!! I already know what I want next!
  6. BAS

    Hanadama Set!!!

    Hello fellow pearl lovers! I've rarely been so excited about a piece, never mind a re-worked piece. As some of you know, I bought a 26" 9 to 9.5 mm hanadama strand a couple of years ago. I love that the nacre is .7 mm. However, the length just didn't look right with my clothing and my very...
  7. BAS

    Examples of Orient during Ruckus?

    Just a reminder that there was discussion a few months ago regarding what, precisely, is "orient". I hope the pearl experts attending the Ruckus can show us examples of orient versus overtone this weekend!!!
  8. BAS

    Royalty Collection Freshadama Pearl and Diamond Earrings

    I'm excited to receive these earrings, which do remind me of European Royalty!
  9. BAS

    little h freshwater drop geodes!

    I picked a gorgeous lavender freshwater drop during my visit to PP last month for a little h geode pair of dangle earrings: The plan was to fill the halves with peridot. I liked the idea of lavender and green. Hisano informed me that due to the dark color of the interior of the pearl, the...
  10. BAS

    little h live chat February 17th!

    I will be visiting PP on February 17th and asked Jeremy and Hisano if they were interested in a live video chat specifically focusing on Hisano's beautiful jewelry. They agreed, and it will be taped for those of you who may not be available when we're chatting and want to view it later. Please...
  11. BAS

    PriceScope and Pearl-Guide:

    The question of why more pictures are being posted on PS rather than PG came up in the thread below and I wanted to address the differences in the forums, and hear what others think: https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9413 I discovered PS first when googling something-or-other...
  12. BAS

    My little h geode souffle earrings:

  13. BAS

    Parents' Folly:

    I just spoke with my elderly mother who reported the following three-way telephone conversation between her, my father, and his sister: Mother to Aunt: BAS will be visiting you in LA. Aunt: When? Mother: In June or July. Aunt: Why will she be in LA? Mother: She is going to some pearl...
  14. BAS

    Matching Nail Polish to Tahitians:

    "Peace and Love and OPI" nail polish matches very nicely with my Tahitian/keshi necklace from PP. The nail polish is metallic lavender/green:
  15. BAS

    What are you wearing to ring in 2014?

    Wishing all Pearl Farmers, Pearl Vendors, and Fellow Pearl Lovers a Happy and Healthy 2014! I had an abundance of beautiful pearl choices for tonight. I chose to wear my graduated triple white metallic necklace, metallic white drops, and metallic souffle ring (all designed/chosen/strung by...
  16. BAS

    PP does it again -- gorgeous custom piece:

    About half a year ago I came across a triple strand of akoyas at Mikimoto which struck me because each strand had a graduated size. The innermost strand had the smallest pearls, the outermost strand had the largest pearls. The graduation was subtle and I found the necklace to be classic and...
  17. BAS

    Fire Goddess Pendant from PP arrived!!!

    I am so excited to have received this one-of-a-kind beautiful pendant! It's my new favorite piece! (A shout out and big thanks to "Lucy and Ethel" -- it was through their live show that I saw John and Angela interviewed. I was then able to work with them in the creation of this pendant.)...