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Search results

  1. CathyKeshi

    First Last Fiji Pearls

    Hi Pearl Friends! Some Ruckus attendees might remember Juliebeth kindly helping me choose my first Fiji pearls a few years ago. Lots of thinking, planning, searching for materials, and waiting for all those stars to line up ... leading to today's package. The pearl babies are from our friends...
  2. CathyKeshi

    Blue Necklace Complete

    Some may remember these intense, iridescent deep blue Vietnamese pearls. Hisano selected them, and they were on the Pearl Paradise blog. I was lucky enough to get a few, and they've been in John's patient safe keeping at PP while I considered what to do with them. I thought you all might like to...
  3. CathyKeshi

    My Vietnamese Akoya Collection

    A few have asked, so at their request, I'm posting photos of some of my Vietnamese akoya pearl collection. As I am so horribly bad at photography, and mostly hopelessly shy about selfies, these are vendor shots. I do think in all cases they represent the pearls very well. I didn't start out to...
  4. CathyKeshi

    Two New Pearl Projects!

    Reposting this, as the post from Friday is missing. Friday I got glamour shots of my 2 new pearl projects from John at Pearl Paradise. I usually wait till the package is in my hands, but I just couldn't resist sharing! The earrings are 2 white baroque akoya pearls pulled from my Pearl...
  5. CathyKeshi

    Penguins for New Year's Day

    I am not usually a selfie photo taker ... but sometimes you just have to go for the humor ... My New Year's Day (very casual family dinner) Penguin shirt, accented by ... Pteria Penguins. No, no one else got the joke LOL ... but Sarah C. will :) The penguins are framed by my new Christmas gift...
  6. CathyKeshi

    Mysterious Blue "Pearl" ?

    Hi! Hoping for some opinions on what this mysterious blue pearly looking "thing" might be :) Found post Ruckus at ... (shhhhhh ... pawn shop) up in Hesperia. Yes, I know better, but it was like Riley in National Treasure ... "I don't know what you are, but I love you" LOL. The unmarked but...
  7. CathyKeshi

    Ruckus 2015 Red Ginko Cortez Pearl Pendant

    Hi all, My first pearl purchase at Ruckus 2015 was this hand made Silver Red Ginko Pearl Pendant, set with a lovely silvery Cortez pearl. The gracious artist is Carlos Cabral from Mexico, and a friend of Douglas McLaurin of Cortez Pearls. I fell madly for this pendant when Carlos posted it on...
  8. CathyKeshi

    Kojima Cortez Beauty

    The mailman brought this beauty to my door this week ...
  9. CathyKeshi

    Good Things in 3's

    HELLO FedEx !
  10. CathyKeshi

    My Ruckus 2014 Pearls

    I was incredibly lucky to attend my first (2014) Ruckus in Palos Verdes in July, and am still overwhelmed by the generosity, kindness and beauty shared by Jeremy, Hisano and everyone at the Ruckus. As a "newbie", I arrived nervous, timid and ... well, terrified ... and left with friends! A few...
  11. CathyKeshi

    My new Champagne Keshis & Diamonds

    As a new member here, I hope it's okay if I post a few photos of my new Champagne Keshi & Diamond strand from Pearl Paradise (hoping I get the photo posting right). It seems more than a few of us were inspired by Hisano's Celestial Necklace, and I am delighted to have had her create this. I...