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Search results

  1. perlas

    Akoyas and Enhancer Pendants

    Anyone has experience using enhancer pendants with akoya strands? My strands are usually south seas, tahitians, and freshwaters, and have not considered akoya so much because of my personal preference for nacre thickness. However, I've recently bought strands of natural-colored blue akoyas and...
  2. perlas

    Natural Saltwater Pearl from Andaman Sea

    I rummaged through the stuffs of a gem trader's shop in Thailand amongst rubies and sapphires and found a pearl in a small box. I was informed that it is a natural pearl from the Andaman Sea from Phuket which they had 20 years ago. Judging from how old the looks of the box is and the willingness...
  3. perlas

    Paspaley Clasps

    Check out Paspaley's interchangeable clasps! The touchstone clasps are awesome - I like the ruby, jackfruit, and rambutan! http://www.paspaley.com/eboutique/jewellery/?product_type=7
  4. perlas

    Jewelmer Store Stuffs

    So I also visit Jewelmer stores to grab my advocacy bracelet to to keep Palawan Seas healthy and clean. Here are some of their pearls that you might find interesting. Golden studs. I love this 13mm super high-orient supper deep gold pendant. Unfortunately I can't capture the play of colors...
  5. perlas

    Greenhills Tour

    So the "infamous" Greenhills has been talked about in this forum. I am currently in Manila and had done some pearl shopping. :) Just in case forum members are curious how it looks like, here are some photos! It has over a hundred booths selling south sea pearls, freshwater pearls, gemstones...
  6. perlas

    Traveling Pearls

    Wear your pearls when you travel and let us see them go places. :) Or let us see your pearls in your town or city. Or anywhere interesting :) Here are my 9mm golden studs at the Alhambra, a UNESCO Heritage Site in Granada, Spain. :)
  7. perlas

    Metallic Goldens - GSSPs or Golden Akoyas?

    Recently, I've seen metallic goldens of 7.5mm-9mm that looks of natural color. They are not frequent and included in lots of varying luster and intensity of orient. In a lot, there will be 2-4 pearls with very high orient, and of different overtones so it is difficult to get a nice match. They...
  8. perlas

    "Reject" Pearls

    I bought this lot because they were quite a curiosity at a cheap price. These are labeled by a seller as "reject pearls" from Mindanao, Philippines which I got about 8-10 years ago. I am quite certain that the smaller ones are South Sea keshis, with the larger light yellow and gray ones as...