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Search results

  1. Gemandpearlover

    New Lavender Purple Baroque Strand

    I think lavender pearls are my favorite pearls. Here is my new FW bead nucleated pearl strand, 10.5 to 13.5 mm from Etsy that I thought my fellow pearl lovers would like to see. I think this is probably going to be one of my last strands for awhile due to the Corona virus.
  2. Gemandpearlover

    Bead Nucleated FW Strands

    These strands were very inexpensive from Etsy seller Quality Bead Mart. But they are so pretty I thought I would share them while most of us are hunkered down at home and need some colorful distractions. :) The two smaller pearl strands are 9-10mm. The nacre on these looks pretty thick and...
  3. Gemandpearlover

    Tiny Bead Nucleated Freshwater Pearls

    I saw these on Etsy (Wen Pearls) and thought it was interesting how small these bead nucleated FW pearls are. I have only been interested in pearls for a little over a year so maybe this is not that unusual? These are 4 to 4.5mm. I am not in the market to buy them, but they do look pretty. I was...
  4. Gemandpearlover

    New Tahitian Strands for November

    So excited to post my new November Tahitians. Terrible Iphone pics as expected. I picked up two Tahitian strands from Wen, and added Wen pearls to a drop strand I already had. I also picked up an estate strand which I named Wilma. Tahitians are addictive. :) Drop shaped 9-11mm. Glamour...
  5. Gemandpearlover

    Ebay Find- Wilma Flinstone Tahitian Strand

    So excited- I just received these today and promptly restrung them. Forgive my terrible Iphone pics. This is an estate strand that was 20 inches but I removed some pearls when I restrung them. Seller listed them as 12-15mm and he was sure they were real pearls, but not sure what type. I made...
  6. Gemandpearlover

    Gemandpearlover's Lowly Beading Adventures

    I find stringing and beading fun and relaxing and here are my latest treasures. Blue Akoyas with vintage blue cloisonné beads and strung with sky colored Beader's secret thread. Some very odd shaped baroque grey Akoya pearls strung on pink Beader's secret with rose quartz beads. This was a...
  7. Gemandpearlover

    Festive Rainbow Hematite Beads with Leftover Sea Pearls

    Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I look at beads and think of all the possibilities. For this strand I chose rainbow Hematite beads that remind me of twinkling Christmas lights, and combined them with left over Ts and blue Akoyas. I used beader's secret mist and knotted after...
  8. Gemandpearlover

    Hooray! Finally Finished this Tahitian Pearl Strand

    I bought a pre-loved baroque Tahitian strand ( AA+ quality strand 8-10 mm) and became obsessed with the color. What I wanted to do was replace the most blemished pearls which were at the very front of the necklace. The color is a light silvery peacock. After a few months I collected enough...
  9. Gemandpearlover

    Tahitian Obsession- My Tahitians in a Shoe Box

    I think I need to take a Tahitian buying break but it's hard because they are so beautiful. These are my favorite strands. Have a great Holiday everyone! :)
  10. Gemandpearlover

    New Tahitian Strand

    Here is my new strand of Tahitians that I strung the other day when I was able to get a break from the boys. Drones, Nerf guns, football........... :) I thought these pearls looked best on a youthful neck and my model actually stayed still for 20 seconds. The pearls are 11-13.
  11. Gemandpearlover

    Metallic Off Round Freshies Using Bead Bumpers

    I had three strands of mixed color off round 10-11mm mostly metallic FW pearls to work with. I decided to use bead bumpers. I used the 1.5mm ones and definitely recommend using bigger ones. They are so tiny. I sorted the pearls and used the lavender and white pearls, saving the peach pearls for...
  12. Gemandpearlover

    Champagne and Blueberries

    I just finished restring these two necklaces. The SS necklace is a mix of champagne colors and the grey/blue Akoyas remind me of blueberries. So yummy.
  13. Gemandpearlover

    Could These Possibly Be Red Sea Pearls?

    I bought this vintage strand because I thought it was so unusual. Kind of a mix between Akoya/South Sea Pearls. The pearl sizes range from about 7mm to 8mm. The colors are mixed- some silvery white, some champagne to golden. Ignore my nails please- I was gardening before this pic. Thanks for...
  14. Gemandpearlover

    Inexpensive Tahitian and Blue Akoya Necklace

    Made this 36 inch necklace recently. I might add another stand of Tahitians and blue Akoyas to make a 72 inch rope. I have a ton of inherited blue Akoyas and it is fun to finally put them to use since I learned how to string pearls. :)
  15. Gemandpearlover

    Colorful FW Easter Egg Necklace Rope and White Pearl Ropes

    I have been beading my heart out recently. :) Here is a 60" 10-11mm FW off-round colored pearl necklace that I made after work yesterday and two 10-11 mm round white FW ropes I made last week. One was strung with Beader's Secret and the others with nylon thread. I found the nylon thread a bit...
  16. Gemandpearlover

    Is it Normal For White FW Pearls to Darken a Bit With Wear?

    Hello. I noticed that a white FW strand I bought a few months ago and wear almost daily has darkened half a shade to a bit more creamy in color. The luster is not affected. I put them on last, take them off first, wipe them down after wearing them. The overtones are more pronounced be it rose...
  17. Gemandpearlover

    Should I Make a Rope Necklace or Will it Damage My Pearls?

    I have a double strand of (32 inches each) and an 18 inch strand of blue akoyas. I was planning on re-stringing them into a rope necklace. Will this damage the pearls when wearing them? The pearls are in excellent condition and I don't want to damage them. Thanks!
  18. Gemandpearlover

    Metallic Edison Peal Smash for Those Who Enjoy a Good Pearl Smash

    I'm new so let me know if these type of posts are not in the spirit of this forum and I will stop posting them. The OCD in me needed to know if these metallic Edisons were worth stringing. :) I took two that I believed had thin nacre and smashed them. I am not going to lie- I have enjoyed...
  19. Gemandpearlover

    Hypothetically- If You Stored and Never Wore a FW Freshadama Necklace Over 10 Years

    Would is still be lustrous and beautiful? If it was worn once and stored in a jewelry box? Or would it suffer the ravages of time due to low moisture (i, e., lack of skin oils) and yellow or be somewhat dull? Thanks!
  20. Gemandpearlover

    Etsy Edison Pearl Smash Question

    Hello- I am asking for your expertise on these pearls. For the sake of curiosity I smashed some FW pearls today. These were pearls I did not think were good enough to string on a necklace I made. One of my first strands of learner pearls. The pearl strand was sold by a US Etsy Vendor (lots of...