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Search results

  1. Mermaid

    Sea of Cortez Mabe Tie Clip

    For my wedding last year, I wanted to gift my dad something special on my wedding day. I came up with the idea of a pearl tie clip but didn't like the options in the regular market. I had just discovered and joined Pearl -Guide [Thank you all for all the advice and knowledge!] as well as had...
  2. Mermaid

    Question about Freshadama / Gem Grade Pearl Earrings

    I just purchased this pair of Gem Grade 7-8mm pearl stud earrings on the Christmas Sale from a reputable vendor. I, however have a question: I noticed a natural blemish on one of the earrings. Is this normal for a gem grade/freshadama entry level simple studs? I haven't contacted the vendor yet...
  3. Mermaid

    Father's Day /Wedding Day special gift, SoC

    I contacted Perlas del Mar de Cortés to obtain a couple of pearl jewelry as I have fallen in love with them since I found out of their existence (and thanks to John Steinbeck). I wanted to get something special for my dad to gift him on my wedding day, Douglas' team delivered. We made him a...
  4. Mermaid

    My first purchase - Kojima Pearls

    These are my first pearls, purchased recently from Kojima pearls. I have always admired and loved pearls, but needed to educate myself and this forum has been a total Godsend! Between PearlGuide and Pricescope, it made me more comfortable making my purchase through an online retailer that has...