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  1. Red

    Tahitian Love

    The Pearl Paradise October Tahitian sale has begun for 2019. For weeks I have been watching Jeremy and Hisano on social media sorting Tahitian pearls in Tahiti. The Tahitian Love promotion began yesterday, and I spent all evening looking at pearls and feeling the love.
  2. Red

    More Fiji Pearls

    I decided to start a new thread for this year's Fiji Pearls. Others who have new Fiji pearls, please feel free to add your beauties. I know there are other projects out there. A new batch of Fiji Pearls arrived at Pearl Paradise shortly after the 2017 ruckus ended. I used Erin as my eyes to...
  3. Red

    My Visit to Atlas Pearl farm in Bali

    In December 2016 I won the drawing for the trip of a lifetime. It was for a visit to Bali Indonesia to visit the Atlas Pearl farm. Many thanks to Atlas Pearls, Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise for making this trip a reality for me and my husband...
  4. Red

    Paula Crevoshay Trunk Show

    Local Minneapolis jeweler Stephen Vincent Design is having a Paula Crevoshay trunk show this weekend. I attended the opening and purchased her latest book, "Illuminations - Earth to Jewel". The colors, designs and size of her jewels are truly glorious. The artist herself is quite charming...
  5. Red

    Photos from the Ruckus 2016

    I thought it would be a nice idea to begin a new thread for ruckus photos. Feel free, everyone, to add to the thread.
  6. Red

    Tahitian and Tourmaline Rope

    I'd like to show you a recent remodeling project of mine. My inspiration was this Gellner Big Bang labradorite and Tahitian rope. Many thanks to KaySD for posting many inspiration Gellner photos. I've had three sixteen inch tourmaline rondelle strands for a number of years that I wanted to...
  7. Red

    Sea of Cortez on eBay

    I get a ping from eBay whenever a Sea of Cortez pearl auction appears, and this one hit my in-box yesterday. I recognize the distinctive flattened oval shape of Chinese freshwater pearls. During the ruckus Douglas was telling me about how thousands of strands of Chinese freshwater imports are...
  8. Red

    My Sea of Cortez Mabes are Set

    I purchased three Sea of Cortez mabe pearls from pearl farmer Douglas at the Pearl Paradise Ruckus last summer. After much thought, I decided to have them set by local design studio T Lee Fine Designer Jewelry of Minneapolis. I worked with talented designer Soren, but most of the artists at...
  9. Red

    Pink South Sea Pearl Ring

    There is a pearl vendor who comes to the Oshkosh Airshow (EAA AirVenture) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin every year. This year she had this pearl ring that I came very close to purchasing. The only reason I didn't was that I knew I would be picking up my own custom white South Sea pearl ring very soon...
  10. Red

    Iridescent White South Sea Pearl

    I just purchased this beauty from Agustus Collection's eBay store. A 14mm round white South Sea pearl with pink iridescent overtones. Sven showed us his recent purchases in his "Can't Stop Drooling" thread. https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7150 These pearls have been...
  11. Red

    My Kamoka Pearls

    I am coming out of lurkdom to show you my new Kamoka earrings. This is all the fault of Alex, who has been posting wonderful pictures of lovely pearls. I resisted for a long time, but when I saw these gorgeous green and pink Kamoka beauties, I caved. :) I ordered my own pair of Kamoka...