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Search results

  1. ckrickett

    Is this a Scammer?

    I have heard tales of Scammers who prey on smaller sellers on Etsy and other selling platforms. I had a person inquire about one of my necklaces on Etsy, and ask to correspond via email. This didn't strike me as odd, because I get it all the time from my other Etsy shops. So they asked for a...
  2. ckrickett

    Meet my new Squidlet!

    A long time ago I started a thread about what I should do with this pearl little chunky yellowy gold GSSP (14mm-12mm) I had considered adding him to a victorian brooch, a cameo, a special pendant., the sky was the limit! I ended up having Sheri create a special little squid using the pearl...
  3. ckrickett

    Is this pearl dyed

    I got a tester pearl from an online vendor, and the color is very pretty, and the pearl is nice for the inexpensive price. I am wondering though if the pearl has been dyed. The listing says its natural but I am always skeptical when colors like this look too good in natural light. thoughts?
  4. ckrickett

    something to refine 2 mm holed pearls

    I came across a lot of ss pearls with big drill holes, the prices were great so I bought them, but I really don't like big holed pearls. I was wondering if there was something I could put in the pearl to make the holed smaller, or make it look more refined. similar to what they put on glass...
  5. ckrickett

    Sourcing findings for a Golden Snitch Pendant

    I have been wanting to put this project together for a little while. I want to recreate a golden snitch pendant, but instead of metal and plastic beads I wanted to use pearls and finer metals. I finally found a GSSP that I will use and now I am trying to figure out the rest. here is the pearl...
  6. ckrickett

    Pearl Drill

    Quick background. I am a painter/artist (best career!) and I have a large variety of equipment in my studio that I use. I have a large CnC router, 3 3d printers, laser cutter, a kiln, a wheel, a foundry set up for metal work, large die cutter, metal working lathe, a set up for sand blasting...
  7. ckrickett

    Help finding a bail

    I am looking for a good oxidized sterling silver bail with pave diamonds for this little guy. I have been looking everywhere but no dice. Any one have a recommendation? This little guy is about 14mm x 12mm
  8. ckrickett

    My Grandmas Revamp Torsade

    Long time lurker, but I am so in love with this piece I had to share. I had Hisano from PP revamp an older strand (that was my grandmas) into something newer that I could wear for my upcoming wedding, and wear more frequently as well. She hit it out of the park with this beautiful torsade...