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Search results

  1. Hanaleimom

    My May 2015 purchase - vacation pearls

    It's been a while since I posted. We came back from vacation last week. Each year I search for more unique colors, shapes or findings/designs. I have peacock, cherry and various vibrant green overtones already so I did not look for those. I passed and did not take second look at round pearls in...
  2. Hanaleimom

    Where do I buy loose pearls to design with?

    Pearl Paradise, Pearl Perfection (Nerida of Pearl-guide.com), Mauna Kea Moonlight (Waimeamomi of Pearl-guide.com).
  3. Hanaleimom

    What's on my conch shell

    My conch shell has some dry flakes over it. I've scrubbed most of it off with a dish pad and water but there are still some in the crevices. What is it? By the way, when dry they look lighter.
  4. Hanaleimom

    White SS earrings

    I've been wanting a pair of drop or oval white South Sea earrings for awhile. In 2010 I also bought some WG earring findings at Bella Findings brick and mortar store. I've been holding on to those findings until I have the right SS pearls. Here are vendor pictures. They are about 11.5mm, silver...
  5. Hanaleimom

    Pearl Paradise Baroque Tahitian Pearls on sale!

    Wow! They are 20% off http://www.pearlparadise.com/Baroque-and-Keshi-Tahitian-Pearl-Strands225.aspx?page=0 This reminds me of the Dec 2008 sale (that was so fun)! Except this time pearls are larger. They must be from this large bowl of treat from Halloween...
  6. Hanaleimom

    New Guide About Tahitian Pearls - really?

    I found this prlog while searching for "tahitian black pearls" on bing.com http://www.prlog.org/11512437-tahitian-pearlscom-new-guide-about-tahitian-pearls-by-gia-alumni-steve-suard.html. This didn't surface with google.com. It was posted about a day ago. The article directs you to...
  7. Hanaleimom

    Mikimoto sample sale in NY

    For those in the vicinity, if you want to be brave and wait in long line, the sale is still on. I've never been, but saw this blog: http://www.mizhattan.com/2011/01/sample-sale-mikimoto-employee-sale.html Where: 680 Fifth Ave. (bet. 53rd & 54th St.), 4th Floor. When: Thursday, January 20th...
  8. Hanaleimom

    My new pastel Tahitian pearls

    Some of you already know I am not fond of light-colored Tahitian pearls, especially gray ones. I prefer dark, intense colors such as peacock, bright green, blue, etc. I’ve discovered there are pastel Tahitian pearls that attract me, especially the yummy candy colors. Last year I chose blue and...
  9. Hanaleimom

    Blair's JCKonline article about metallic FW pearls

    I don't think I see this article posted on PG yet http://www.jckonline.com/2010/05/25/pearls Cut and paste below: Pearls This story appears in the June 2010 issue of JCK Magazine. Yuriko Nakao/Reuters/Corbis Heavy Metal Three years ago, metallic-skinned Chinese freshwater pearls began...
  10. Hanaleimom

    "Dishing Up Pearls in a Buyer's Market", 10/1/2009

    Pearl authorities explain why American retailers can benefit from current market conditions, from jckonline.com. Includes quotes from Jeremy and Josh http://tinyurl.com/yct8e6a
  11. Hanaleimom

    Josh/Kamoka Pearl fans

    Have you checked out PP's website today? Jeremy added a new, "green" line of Tahitian: Kamoka pearls. They are BEAUTIFUL ! :) http://www.pearlparadise.com/kamoka-pearls.aspx The link is also listed in the "Shop By Type" box on the left hand side of main page.
  12. Hanaleimom

    Frostlink clasp

    This clasp is very cool http://pearlparadise.com/FrostLink-14K-Gold-Clasp2376.aspx Unlike other adjustable clasp http://www.riogrande.com/MemberArea/ProductPage.aspx?assetName=624419, it's composed of 2 parts: male and female, and they clip together, making the necklace very versatile.
  13. Hanaleimom

    Tahitian bracelets: baroque, leather, misc.

    I knotted 3 bracelets sent by Jeremy the night before I left on vacation. Yes, I am crazy considering I didn't start packing until that night. They were conversational pieces when I went to Tahiti Pearl Market and several pearl stores. People were asking whether they are one bracelet wrapped...
  14. Hanaleimom

    Tahiti Pearl Market farm in Fakarava

    Hi, A friend sent me some photos that he took in October 2008 at Tahiti Pearl Market farm in Fakarava. Fakarava island lagoon was elected Biosphere from the UNESCO. I was told that the number of pearl farms will not increase, which is excellent news to keep the lagoon safe from excessive...
  15. Hanaleimom

    My multi-color circled strand from Mother's Day special

    I requested Jeremy to send a strand unknotted. The pearls are circled, very colorful, especially the ones near the clasp: bright green with stripes and purple, etc. The pearls are 8 to 10'ish mm. I like the center pearl, a compressed weaving shuttle, at least that is how I see it. Two pearls...
  16. Hanaleimom

    Editor-in-Chief, Six Others Laid Off at JCK Due to Economic Downturn

  17. Hanaleimom

    Question about making a rope with various size pearls

    Hello, I need help regarding matching size for a baroque-shaped rope. My plan is to combine three 18” strands into a rope. They are graduated in size and about 3 mm difference from the smallest to the largest pearl. It is not a problem having the smallest near the clasp and the largest at the...
  18. Hanaleimom

    PP's December Tahitian Baroque Sale

    Jeremy just put up another special on the front page. There are about 20 strands of Tahitian baroque on sale right now, from $275 to $500. They are so pretty. But I can't buy anymore.
  19. Hanaleimom

    Hanaleimom applies for membership

    Hi pearl friends, You have given me the inspiration to start making some jewelries for myself. I have started wire wrapping only. Stringing will come later. I started out with some FW; and the loops were quite oval after crimping the ends. After practicing with cheap wires, I bought 2 small lots...
  20. Hanaleimom

    Standard drill hole size

    Is there a standard size for fully-drilled pearls no matter what type of pearls they are? Or are there different sizes for Tahitian vs. CFW? Does drill hole size depend on the diameter of the pearls? If I were to buy head pins, what size would be the safest to use for both FW and Tahitians? Or...