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Search results

  1. Caitlin

    The Pearl Farm Manual

    http://www.ctsa.org/files/publications/CTSA_1276316728619239483681.pdf I am sure we listed this about 10 years ago, but just in case, here it is, again. Dream on. :cool:
  2. Caitlin

    2017 Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows - AGTA news

    This year's Strack lecture looks like a mini-PearlsasOne! It's on a Friday- a good day for a change! Note: Biwa pearls is spelled wrong in the blurb, but I did not change it..
  3. Caitlin

    Quahog pearl for sale at Bonham's LA CA

    Lot 296 A Published Gem: Large and Rare, Purple Non-nacreous Quahog Pearl USD 25,000 - USD 35,000 Date/Time: 7 Dec 2016 Location: Los Angeles For further details please refer to the auction on the Bonhams website by clicking here, or click on the lot: I am really interested in...
  4. Caitlin

    A New Ginormous clam pearl found- dwarfs the "Pearl of Allah"

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3753300/Fisherman-giant-34kg-pearl-worth-100million-kept-bed-TEN-YEARS-good-luck-charm.html well, I hope these guys do their research and don't get too high on the possible value. A good look at the story of the Pearl of Allah will show you that no one...
  5. Caitlin

    A New Fun Book, it looks like

    https://www.amazon.com/Jewels-Sea-Pearl-Fishing-Arabian/dp/1909339296/sea+of+pearls I looks like it is for younger folks too. It is short, but I am ordering it and will report, once I get it Product Details Paperback: 60 pages Publisher: Medina Publishers (June 19, 2016) Language...
  6. Caitlin

    Advanced Style

    I am always looking for appropriate things to wear to ruckuses and pretty much failed at it. BUT, no more! I have a fashion icon. She is one of the "stars" of my new blog sign-up to Advanced Style. Well I can't get the hair right, but wow. this blog is FULL of Advanced style...
  7. Caitlin

    How to start a Pearl Farm

    A Layman's Guide. From Kari's Pearls, a treatise by Maria Haws. I see this is from 2002, so maybe we already have it listed. http://www.ctsa.org/files/publications/CTSA_1276316728619239483681.pdf Just what I want!
  8. Caitlin

    Sea of Cortez mabe pearl necklace?

    It sure looked like Gabby Gifford was wearing one during the State of the Union address toinight.
  9. Caitlin

    Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Feb2016

    I just got my AGTA guide and notice that Elisabeth Strack's yearly pearl lecture will be on FRIDAY Feb 5, 2016. The subject is "Identifying Pearls: Natural or Colored, (beaded or non-beaded) Original Appearance or Treated" Greenlee Room, 9-10AM I didn't see this posted here, so if it is a...
  10. Caitlin

    A Woman bit down on a quahog clam and found a large pearl

    This is a YouTube link to an ABC News item. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG400h_zA9w
  11. Caitlin

    Important pearl(s) up for sale.

    I hope this is just the first post in a thread noting "important" pearls up for sale- usually at auction houses. Important pearls are the ones that get top dollar or the famous ones. Here is the first offering on this thread: Member ECurly sent me this video a couple of weeks ago. I have been...
  12. Caitlin

    Steve Bloom tears it up

    This is not a review. This is gossip I just picked up, but just to remind you of the book.....The worst thing about “Tears of Mermaids” is its running metaphor -or maybe just comparison- to cocaine as a product making its way through the world, with pearl farmers and merchants. This just does...
  13. Caitlin

    Santa, baby.......bring me some pearls

    These will do fine...... From Autore click on pic for link to complete photo.
  14. Caitlin

    Cultured pearls in Dubai

    It's hard to get news of the culturing operation in Dubai, but here is a photo. Clink link to get more photos http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/photo/2012-12/04/c_132018038_10.htm (Source:sznews.com/Agency) xinhua has has a few pearl articles that come up in a search. this one is...
  15. Caitlin

    Is the GIA opening a lab in Bahrain?

    I saw an article saying so but I couldn't follow the link- something was wrong with it. It was in Professional Jeweler, but their site is backed-up or something. So, I could be wrong, so let's have a denial or a second source. :confused: I think this is really interesting news!
  16. Caitlin

    Archeaology of a pearling village.

    This article was forwarded to me from Pearl-Guide friend and member Robin McL. It reminds me that this Aramco Magazine has had some excellent articles on pearling in the Gulf Region over the last 8 decades. http://www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/201306/the.pearl.emporium.of.al.zubarah.htm...
  17. Caitlin

    Pearl knotting with no tools

    Here is a practice video for knotting without tools. I recommend you use Pearl Dream's instructions for making a pearl necklace. (also a sticky on Lowly beader's club) But if you want to know how to knot without tools, then switch to this video after the clasp and beads are all strung on. I...
  18. Caitlin

    A moratorium on pearl maritime concessions

    http://www.tahiti-infos.com/Un-moratoire-sur-les-concessions-maritimes-perlicoles_a76426.html A friend just sent this to me. Below is the translation. Above is the original link. Maybe it is saying Tahiti is trying to control/maintain quailty but limiting competition? , but I have no idea what...
  19. Caitlin

    Help me ID these pearls.

    Hi all. I saw these online. They are definitely freshwater pearls. They do look old and are being sold as old. Do you think they could possibly be old? By which I mean NOT cultured Chinese freshwater pearls, but something else. I am wondering and would like to get opinions from one and all...
  20. Caitlin

    Laguna Beach Retail Store Design

    as seen here. (http://www.hauteliving.com/2013/06/bareti-previews-the-2013-yvel-collection-in-laguna-beach/363760/) an article by Laura Schreffler. Bareti Previews the 2013 Yvel Collection in Laguna Beach