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Search results

  1. MSC

    My Natural Pearl Collection

    I'm finally going to do it: I'm sending my mystery art deco pearl strand to GIA... fingers crossed for a definitive answer!
  2. MSC

    Little h jewelry on sale at TwistOnline.com

    For you, Pattye! :)
  3. MSC

    My Natural Pearl Collection

    I remade these earring dangles recently - I can't seem to find photos of the original (or didn't look hard enough ;) ), but I like these much better!
  4. MSC

    GSSP Keshi Earring Dangles

    Okay here we are!
  5. MSC

    GSSP Keshi Earring Dangles

    I've been teaching myself to solder and made these hoop dangles with 14k rose and yellow gold. Our Jersey helped me set the keshi since she is a master at setting pearls! (HUGE thank you!!) I don't have them in hand yet, but Jersey sent me this photo and I'm in LOVE :o
  6. MSC

    Tahitian Keshi Pearl Necklace

    Made this piece this morning - so much fun to make!
  7. MSC

    My Natural Pearl Collection

    I've been really lazy about updating this thread! Here are some items I've made in the last few months featuring pipis, Dave's California mussel pearls, Mississippi river pearls, and Pteria sterna pearls. :)
  8. MSC

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Ah so many gorgeous pearls! Those Fiji's are mind blowing, Jeg! I made these tiny (3mm) pipi studs a couple months back to wear in my second piercing, but today I added a couple of sapphire dangles that I usually wear with leverbacks for a lil extra.
  9. MSC

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    This thread is a perennial favorite, it brings so much joy and inspiration each time I come to visit! Gorgeous, ladies, as always! Today: large pastel Tahitian drop from Jacques of the former Pearl House (please come back to retail!!) with a large lapis bead Yesterday: natural Pteria sterna...
  10. MSC

    Natural Pearl GRIMA Brooch

    I looooooooooooove the ring! Love how the pearls are strung into the channel, such an inventive method of setting :) "as you wish..."
  11. MSC

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    So many gorgeous pearls, as always! Traveling for meetings today, one of which someone is trying to reschedule at VERY. LAST. MINUTE. (UGH). So, pearls!
  12. MSC

    My Natural Pearl Collection

    A new entry for this mostly neglected thread! A while back Dave of Lagoon Island Pearls graciously supplied me with a parcel of his beautiful California mussel pearls (spp. Mytilus californianus) from British Columbia, after several years of requesting. I had purchased one of this adventure...
  13. MSC

    Safely Removing Permanent Marker from Pearls

    I know this has been posted elsewhere (but I cannot find where, even with search terms), so I thought I'd post an inquiry here for easier reference. I need to remove some leftover marker marks from some pearls I drilled. The marks are pretty small. I cannot recall if you can use Acetone (pure...
  14. MSC

    No Hassle to Make a Tassel

    I hope you consider this flattery, Lady D!
  15. MSC

    My Natural Pearl Collection

    Made a little thing today, the first of 4 days of R&R <3
  16. MSC

    Suggestions needed for stringing tiny pearls

    Here's what I like to do with tiny pearls, like the ones you have:
  17. MSC

    What would you pair blue akoyas with?

    I've mixed my strong blue akoyas with 22kt gold beads - the deep gold color really makes the blue pop! There's gold filled or vermeil gold beads out there for a more frugal option. I also think going opposite on the color wheel as PD did works really well in general for gemstone selection.
  18. MSC

    ??Sea of Cortez Pearls??

    SoC keshi chandelier earrings - these originally had pink tourmaline.
  19. MSC

    Candled Natural Pearls

    A bit more than candled. This was done with my kind dentists xray (after some odd looks LOL). Can anyone tell if it's cultured or natural? I sure as heck cannot!
  20. MSC

    My Natural Pearl Collection

    Y'all I have been wanting to write up a bit about the Antiques Roadshow, but am just too busy right now. I did however go to the dentist last week and took along my pearls in question; they kindly x-rayed a portion of the strand for me. Here is the x-ray! I need to find out what experts think...