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    Please help me figure out if this is an SSP?

    Hi guys!Please help me with my new gem! 😂 I bought this earrings online for 10dollars and I know its a small amount but im just curious if i scored a deal. Owner claimed it was given as a gift and she is not a big fan of pearls so she decided to sell it.
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    Please let me know if the pearl is an SSP?

    Hi everyone!I found another deal online. Seller claims , its from her mother's collection and she has no idea if it is a real SSP. Please help me identify the pearl. Thank you Thank you 😊!
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    Please help if i should get these pearl earrings?

    Hi everyone! I badly need your help and advise if i should get these pearl earrings ? I saw it online and seller has no idea what kind of pearl it is. She claims she bought it in Taiwan. It is set in 18k gold with diamonds. She is selling it for 150 dollars. Is this worth it? Please let me...
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    Please help! Are these SSP?

    Hi everyone. I need help identifying if these pearls are SSP or not. A friend wants to sell it to me but i just wanna make sure what kind of pearls they are cause she has no idea too. It was given to her 8 years ago as she can remember and been kept. Here are the photos :
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    Hi everyone. I need your help and expertise. Are these real freshwater pearls?

    I saw this necklace online and seller is selling this for $32 She claims these are real pearls just don't have idea what kind.. Should i get it?
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    Please help! Are these real Tahitian pearls?

    Hi guys! I recently purchased this earrings online and owner said these are tahitian pearls. Also its my first time to have this kind of pearl so i have no idea. I bought it because I love the color. I also noticed that the bottom part of the pearl is cut so I wonder if it is normal? The...
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    Are these freshwater pearls?

    Hi ,i got this beautiful necklace online and the owner said she got it from US but has no idea what kind of pearl it is. The pearls is set in 14k gold chain and all pearl looks almost perfect to my eyes.
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    South sea pearls

    Hi. I recently bought a pearl earrings from a friend and she said those our SSP and was purchased in japan. Can you please help me determine if the ones i got are real SSP? Thank you very much!
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    Are these south sea pearls?

    Hi i was given a gray pearl earrings and they both weigh 13.6 grams approximately including the locks and the whole setting. Theyre huge like 14mm. What im wondering is that she said these are SSP. Are there any Gray Ssp? Thanks!