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Search results

  1. trulyviolet

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    you know........ you'd so be the envy of any elizabethan monarch....... just saying.... *i'll go back to drooling and sighing now...*
  2. trulyviolet

    necklace for my other dr

    this took me HOURS i'm really still getting over the anesthesia and surgery but i wanted to get my endos necklace ready i ordered the pearls from wenpearls but she shorted me one strand.....this was supposed to be longer i can't wait for her to ship the second strand as my next appointment is...
  3. trulyviolet

    odds and ends

    that i've been playing with in between grey potato pearls the small and large white pearl necklace i made for one of my dr's *she loved it and wears it everyday, even though i told her, it was freshwater not anything really expensive- the office staff said she's never without them now* and...
  4. trulyviolet

    guess what i just did...

    okey dokey, it's not great and i had to use two clasps that i had laying around but....... lookie!!!
  5. trulyviolet

    i have a dumb question

    http://stores.ebay.com/pearlworld/_i.html?rt=nc&_ipg=192 this seller has photos that say wenpearls but only i think 92 sales i am going to assume this is a scam any one know?
  6. trulyviolet

    and so it begins

    four knots in this is the box i now store my mom's pearl beads in (we use them on the christmas tree) this beader's secret is a miracle
  7. trulyviolet

    i'm so excited

    i just ordered beaders secret and needles to start learning to knot!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. trulyviolet

    how would you wear....

    pearls with jeans and flannel if you are....um a certain age i can understand pearls with dressier clothes and or suits but how about going to the grocery or out to the farms for produce? although i been poking around and those tin cups are something, i never liked them before i saw how you...