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Search results

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    Starry golden night!

    Ready set bling! And just like that 2021 is almost over!!
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    A new bespoke beauty!

    Wanted to share the newest member of my collection with you! The pearl is 14.06mm and it’s a beauty in itself! The stones are London blue topaz with a row of little diamonds. Cees worked with me patiently to come up with this design and gem combo! I’m looking forward to wearing to a wedding...
  3. L

    More South Seas Heaven!!

    More SS heaven from my Valentines! This time a WSS ring paired with my tin cup SS necklace from Cees! btw I’m in a badly need of a manicure, but with this pandemic I’ve been trying to avoid all places unless really needed!
  4. L

    South Seas heaven!

    Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! I was looking forward to sharing my new purchases with you! Credits to Cees for keeping his eye out for these strands of golden and milky SS heaven!! First my Paspaley WSS strand 14.20-12mm of pure milky, shiny and delicious pearls! And next my Jewelmer GSS...
  5. L

    Third time is the charm!

    I wanted to lengthened this necklace and after getting inspired by all the talented people in this forum, I felt confident enough to give it a try! So I went ahead and purchased a kit from Pattye’s Etsy store, and yesterday night I started my project! After having broken two needles, two...
  6. L

    Last purchase of 2020!

    My last purchase of 2020, was a perfectly imperfect Jewelmer GSS strand from Cees, that will be given new life in 2021! Can’t wait for this beauty to arrive a tout suite!!
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    First Lady to be, Dr. Jill Biden endless layers of pearls!

    The choice of earrings, endless layers of pearls and the white on white ensemble of our former Second Lady and First Lady to be, Dr. Jill Biden has me drooling all over. It’s over the top elegant, magnificent and she’s just glowing in this picture! I look forward to more of her drool worthy looks!!
  8. L

    Christmas came early!

    My Christmas present came just in time and it’s fabulous! I can not begin to describe the magnificent WSS pearl our Cees picked for this ring. It’s like looking in the mirror, so shiny and lustrous! I was debating whether to paired it with diamonds and emeralds, but ultimately the tsavorites won...
  9. L

    South seas tin cup!

    I’ve been dreaming about this tin cup for a while, and when Cees posted some GSS baroque and súper lustrous pearls, I just knew these where the ones I want it to use and mix with it’s sisters, the white version to have a versatile necklace! Here’s a picture and it’s almost done, can’t wait to...
  10. L

    The Goddesses of earring jackets!

    After the maki-e pearls got me going with earring jackets, I’m now starting a collection with my favorite type of pearls! Therefore, during PP’s Vault sale, I snagged a pair of deep golden pearl studs, 11-12mm, and asked them to add diamond jackets to them. I just received them and they’re...
  11. L

    Golden “Gogotte” necklace!

    Who couldn’t resist the sight of a Gogotte adorned by liquid gold! I think I will soon be heading for ban island lol!! The pictures do not really reflect the luster and incredible color of this strand, and don’t mind the mix of chains as I’m really going nowhere and wore it just for show...
  12. L

    Maki-e...spectacular pair!

    I caught the Maki-e bug and jumped at the sight of them...that’s in Cee’s IG feed that is! I believe I was barely awake when I spotted them! These pair are now on its way to moi, after Sarah from Oceanscove applied her craftsmanship and added a pair of 18KYG eye pins to convert into earring...
  13. L

    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all...

    What’s it gonna be? A get well present for me...credits goes to Cees for these beauties!!! Stay tuned for the finished product...:D
  14. L

    My new Tahitians Stud earrings!

    Hope everyone is safe and well! I’ve been looking for stud earrings to go with my floating T necklace (from Cees’), and wanted to take advantage of PP’s Mother’s Day sale! I reached out to Rebecca, for her assistance and was in luck to get the closest color match to the pearl on my necklace...
  15. L

    On order, a new Tahitian multicolored strand!

    Super excited for my new order from Cees! A multicolored Tahitian strand, 10.60-11.80mm, and 18in in length
  16. L

    Adding to my GSS collection...

    I’m at it again and can’t wait to receive this new creation from Cees to add to my growing GSS collection!
  17. L

    New GSS necklace...Cees does it again!

    I wanted a new GSS pendant to match my new GSS and akoya earrings. I reached out to Cees and ran some ideas by him, and this beauty is now on its way!
  18. L

    I got the blues!

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting these beauties from Cees, and they’re finally here! Now seating pretty and basking in their glow while getting ideas to turn them into a pair of earrings. Maybe mix them with akoyas and diamonds...any ideas are welcome!
  19. L

    New GSS & Akoya earrings

    I got new earrings in February for my birthday and I just wore them for the first time! I paired them with Cees akoya necklace 10-11mm and I’m in love! I’m thinking that my next purchase might be an GSS pendant in 18k yellow gold to alternate...
  20. L

    Akoya strand from Cees...

    I love pearls, and as of late I’ve been obsessed with Akoya Pearls, and thanks to all the information found in this forum, I reached out to Cees and the below strand should be on its way soon. The strand is graded AAA and he said that for this size and quality it’s very hard to find., nacre...