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Search results

  1. ericw

    men and pearls

    Just I receive this photo. A friend of mine, and the owner of this pearl, had asked me to work it. The man is a great DIY enthusiast, so he has bought rubber seal, sold by meter, and kinds of connectors I didn't know, to make this setting (I see I am not the only one to have difficulties to...
  2. ericw

    What colours do you think will be "in" for this year?

    If we believe in news, living coral Pantone is the colour of the year 2019. A kind of strawberry ice cream colour, I feel... A very artificial tone, very unusual in Nature, in fact (the most similar I have seen is the colour of a kind of mushrooms). Not a good idea for us and our pearls!:rolleyes:
  3. ericw

    Chalky white spots on carved pearls?

    Lugana, I understand how it might be difficult to see every carved pearls...
  4. ericw

    Pearl and Gemstones

    nnguye20, finally, I have found one of pieces of stone I have talked to you (I had given it as a gift for my wife, but I didn't remember that:rolleyes:). Unfortunatly, not the amethyst one, but citrine. These crystals are obtained breaking geodes by a special impact ( with wood or bone tool), to...
  5. ericw

    Dyed or Naturally Colored South Sea & Tahitian Pearls?

    Pearlescence, I agree with you, but to turn pale gold in darker seems to me a very difficult process: nacre is already yellow, and to add the right small quantity of red and black to make gold... it's not a simple way! Here is a photo of a yellow SSP, in my opinion: the difference is easy to do...
  6. ericw

    Silk cord

    Hi every beaders! I am looking for 2mm diam. natural silk cord, the kind of "chinese" cord ( woven silk, I think) we call in frensh "queue de rat". This cord is very flexible, smooth and glows as silk, but I don't find it anywhere, just nylon or rayon. It's incredible! Will you, please, help...
  7. ericw

    Carved (or not carved) pearls display

    I don't well understand your question, JerseyPearl, sorry... It's not a multistrand wire, and it is bought like photo back. It's very very difficult to make it straight by oneself, and also to find it straight, as rods, for sale. Each country have its particular seller for straight kind. If you...
  8. ericw

    Carved (or not carved) pearls display

    I have created this display concept to show my pearls. That looks like a contemporary sculpture. What do you think of that?
  9. ericw

    souffle pearls

    Hi everybody I have the feeling that, often, FWP are viewed with less favour than saltwater pearls. I don't know why for a lot of them, which show so good qualities, especially baroque shapes. Thinking about that, I have a question: unless I'm mistaken, suffle pearls are only produced by...
  10. ericw

    i found what i beleive may be a pearl in the pacific i will attach a photo.

    Some kind of round white pearls can be found in caves, but they don't have organic origin, just calcareous concretions, and I have looked at geological maps of Comox grounds: these are not calcareous, but I have noticed some basalt around, a stone where rare round calcite concretions are found...
  11. ericw

    pearl's death

    Are there any studies to explain pearl's death phenomenon? I have experimented a new glue, polymerizable under UV exposure, on a test pearl : some solvent in this glue kills instantly the pearl, up to deeply under surface, and I wonder how deep it does... It's known that aragonite is unstable...
  12. ericw

    Freshwater pearls harvest

    Thanks a lot! So we can imagine that, doing the count of orders to supply year's end business, stocks are falling...
  13. ericw

    Freshwater pearls harvest

    Is there a season to harvest freshwater pearls? I have seen that not so much new and various articles than usual are shown by suppliers, at the present time.
  14. ericw

    Baroque Tahitians?

    About fabulous, I have found this one (just photo, on the net :)) Enjoy!:
  15. ericw

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Ok, it's one of my carved pearls, she is my wife, but I think to share this pattern of mounting, I have tinkered, may interest you : just a simple gold rod and a very little skill from your own jeweller, that for mounting a lot of kinds of your pearls. :)
  16. ericw

    Edison pearl's nacre thickness.

    Thank you for the thread, Pearl Dream. Very thick nacre, sure, even more than I am searching, and a good information I didn't find anywhere else. I'll look for to know what biggest sizes can be found, and where. An usual problem with tahitian pearls is their shapes : round, and expensive, or...
  17. ericw

    Edison pearl's nacre thickness.

    Hi everybody! Just for information. Because I had problem to carve it, I have sawed a edison pearl. Result : 0.7mm thick nacre for a 18mm diameter pearl... Luckily, it can be found better, but it's not written on the pearl. In fact, I wonder if the first layers have more chance to give upgrade...
  18. ericw

    Delicacies of the roundness

    My photo was such wrong, I have mounted the pearl to make a better. As today was sunny (it's becoming rare), I took advantage to photograph two other carved pearls.
  19. ericw

    Delicacies of the roundness

    A rose is a rose is a rose... Edison carved pearl.
  20. ericw

    Carved tahitian

    ... After morning news, this is evening's from South Pacific. :)