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Search results

  1. Sanippy

    New goodies! GSSP & blue akoya studs from Kathy!

    Just wanted to share some new goodies from our Kathy @ Pearlz Australia! Love love love these tiny pearls!
  2. Sanippy

    Removing glue/epoxy

    I’m sure there are numerous threads on this but I can’t find them! What’s the best way to remove pearls from settings? I’ve tried soaking in hot water but to no avail. And I can’t find attack in Australia. Thank you 😊
  3. Sanippy

    SSP keshi from Cees!

    A small parcel of SSP keshi from Cees arrived today! I chose a smaller pair for studs and 5 larger for a tin cup bracelet. These are my first foray into the world of SSP :)
  4. Sanippy

    Heart of Water Jewels - sapphire, moonstone & metallic fwp earrings!

    My mum's birthday is coming up and my sister and I thought we would have some earrings custom designed for her. We reached out to Sally from Heart of Water Jewels on Etsy and she created these gorgeous earrings! The stones and pearls are from my personal collection. Featuring: - 9-10mm...
  5. Sanippy

    Multicolour Ts from Amsterdam Pearls, thank you Cees!

    After seeing Pareltje' gorgeous multicolour strand from Amsterdam Pearls, I contacted Cees to see if he could find a strand for me too. After a month or so of emailing back and forth, here they are! 9-11mm near rounds. Lots of fabulous blues, greens and purples. And two bright yellow Ts! My...
  6. Sanippy

    Gemstones beads

    A number of you have made beautiful pieces with faceted gemstone beads. If you have any recommendations for reputable vendors please list them here!
  7. Sanippy

    *Fingers crossed!* PP baroque green peacock Ts!

    So I may have just purchased this strand...Pearls are 8.1-12.1mm and AA+/AAA grade. If they work out they will be my largest pearls and should go nicely with the little peacock collection I just posted in the 'show us your pearls in action' thread! I've requested additional photos before...
  8. Sanippy

    Tahitian rope!

    Just finished stringing my rope! The pearls are PP's baby 6-8mm strands. One strand was described as dark silver with subtle overtones and the other dark with iridescent peacock and cherry overtones. Strung on beaders secret in 'storm' from Pattye! I would almost describe the pearls as pastel...
  9. Sanippy

    Australia Day fun! Tahitian bracelet

    It's a public holiday in Australia today so I had a bit of time to get into my beading projects. Tahitians from Jac strung on beaders secret in coal with a clasp from PP. I love the look of the ball clasp but honestly it's incredibly difficult to get on and off. I'll probably restring with a...
  10. Sanippy

    Matching pearls?

    DK started a thread on PS about matching jewellery and it got me wondering - do you tend to wear pearl earrings with your pearl necklaces? Or do you opt for different earrings - diamonds, metal hoops etc? And if you do match, are the earring pearls the same kind as the necklace?
  11. Sanippy

    Tahitian keshi tin cups!

    A few pieces I made today! The bracelets are for my sisters and I'm keeping the necklace. :) Using 2.1mm sterling silver rolo chain:
  12. Sanippy

    Tin cup - help pls!

    I've been playing around with designs for 2 tin cup necklaces and would love your input! 1. What is your favourite length for a tin cup necklace I'm probably looking at something between 18" and 20" and was wondering for those of you with tin cups, does the way the tin cup sit result in a...
  13. Sanippy

    Kamoka birthday beauties!

    It was my birthday last week and all I can say is that I really lucked out! Here is my haul from Kamoka! 14ct gold triple tahitian bracelet Celeste was amazing to work with. I sent her my budget and inspiration photos and she came up with some beautiful options. First I picked from...
  14. Sanippy

    Pearl tassel jellyfish!!

    I fell in love with Beatriz's gorgeous pearl tassel earrings and so did my mum! It's her birthday today and I was finally able to give them to her. Here are her jellyfish! : )
  15. Sanippy

    Calling Jersey Pearl & other beaders!

    I'm learning to wire wrap and thought I'd start a new thread to keep my questions & any advice received in one place! I'm taking a couple of workshops over the next few weeks and the end goal is to wire wrap my own tin cup style bracelets and necklaces, Jersey Pearl style! So my first...
  16. Sanippy

    DIY pearl jewellery - findings & glue recommendations

    I have some loose pearls that I'd like to set into simple rings, studs and pendants. Could I please have your recommendations for: 1. Suppliers of pearl jewellery findings/mounts - rings, earrings and pendants 2. The best glue for pearls. Some people recommend 2 part epoxy and others a gel...
  17. Sanippy

    A couple of Mangareva Tahitians!

    My very first Tahitians arrived in the post today! I thought I'd share a few photos with you all. They are Mangareva pearls from Jac and both are 10mm, AAA and peacock. One is near-round (looks perfectly round to me) and the other is a clean drop. I love the luster on these, the bright green...
  18. Sanippy

    Please help ID my pearls!!

    Hi guys! I've obviously been very vocal about my new found love for pearls because my friend gave me some loose pearls today which she inherited a number of years ago! She is very sweet! I don't think they are valuable but it would be fun to try and work out what they are! Some information...
  19. Sanippy

    Show me your baroque pearl pendants!

    I think that my next pearl purchase will be a baroque SS pearl pendant. There are a couple I'm eyeing off online but I would love to see some inspiration shots. Please share your pearl pendants and if possible a neck shot and dimensions for perspective (-and vendor if possible). I think that I...
  20. Sanippy

    Akoya pearl studs - daily wear?

    I would love some advice from the pearl experts! Can Akoya pearl earrings be worn everyday? If cared for properly can they still last a lifetime (or a very long time) if worn regularly? I love my new earrings but they have sentimental value and I don't want to destroy them after a few years!