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Search results

  1. ericw

    Silk cord

    Hi every beaders! I am looking for 2mm diam. natural silk cord, the kind of "chinese" cord ( woven silk, I think) we call in frensh "queue de rat". This cord is very flexible, smooth and glows as silk, but I don't find it anywhere, just nylon or rayon. It's incredible! Will you, please, help...
  2. ericw

    Carved (or not carved) pearls display

    I have created this display concept to show my pearls. That looks like a contemporary sculpture. What do you think of that?
  3. ericw

    souffle pearls

    Hi everybody I have the feeling that, often, FWP are viewed with less favour than saltwater pearls. I don't know why for a lot of them, which show so good qualities, especially baroque shapes. Thinking about that, I have a question: unless I'm mistaken, suffle pearls are only produced by...
  4. ericw

    pearl's death

    Are there any studies to explain pearl's death phenomenon? I have experimented a new glue, polymerizable under UV exposure, on a test pearl : some solvent in this glue kills instantly the pearl, up to deeply under surface, and I wonder how deep it does... It's known that aragonite is unstable...
  5. ericw

    Freshwater pearls harvest

    Is there a season to harvest freshwater pearls? I have seen that not so much new and various articles than usual are shown by suppliers, at the present time.
  6. ericw

    Edison pearl's nacre thickness.

    Hi everybody! Just for information. Because I had problem to carve it, I have sawed a edison pearl. Result : 0.7mm thick nacre for a 18mm diameter pearl... Luckily, it can be found better, but it's not written on the pearl. In fact, I wonder if the first layers have more chance to give upgrade...
  7. ericw

    Carved tahitian

    Hi, dear Friends Several of you asked me... And what about tahitian pearls ?... This is one.:)
  8. ericw

    Flameball and other baroque carved pearls

    Hi! I hope I don't bore anyone with my posts about my work... Today, these are baroque and flameball pearls I have carved since the last photos. I don't advise you to try, nacre is so thin around nucleus that it's more difficult than to jump from a plane without parachute! Moreother, I messed up...
  9. ericw

    Earrings or not earrings

    Hi, Dear Friends May I ask you your feeling about these two pearls : did you pair them to make earrings, despite their little colours'difference ? Thank's a lot to read you.
  10. ericw

    Delicacies of the roundness

    Hi, everybody ! Features of a round edison pearl and a near round tahitian after carving. Very strange nacres, so different to work than white, harder !
  11. ericw

    Careful, false pearls

    Hi everybody ! I don't know if it's the right place for such a post, but I must inform you about a seller which sells false pearls instead of trues. I have orderer to Jewelry world 9898 Store ( visible on Aliexpress) one grey tear shape freshwater pearl... I have received two, but false pearls...
  12. ericw

    A little gallery for my carved pearls.

    Hi, I have made a little gallery to show my carved pearls. If you want to give me the pleasure of your tour, it's happening here : https://www.facebook.com/Pearlew-Eric-Windeck-sculpteur-de-perles-508116169529065/ I wish you a good visit !
  13. ericw

    Endoscope for pearls

    Hi ! Will you, please, tell me if any endoscopes or over tools exist to exam pearls' inside, deeply, through their hole?
  14. ericw

    My first carved pearls

    My first carved pearls, just worked... It's not a good joke to photograph this kind of subject ! Lightning, colours, a real problem to show by camera what see the eyes. Well, now, I must spend more than a lot of money to buy good grades and round pearls...
  15. ericw

    Quality factors of pearls

    Hi, Is there anyone to explain me why the pearls have different lightning appearences, which define each grade of quality. What's going on the pearl's area to make these differences ? Thank's for your answers ! Sincerely
  16. ericw

    What kind of pearl to carve ?

    Hi everybody, Thank you for your well looking at my first post, about my project to carve pearls ! Maybe it's not wise to open this one, around the same subject, but I think it's better to explain my special problem... First, I needed largest and most thick nacre pearls to work, irregular...
  17. ericw

    Pearl to carve

    Hi, I'm a new member, so I say Hello to anybody. Frensh, I wich injure nobody reading me, because my english is so poor ! I'm an artist and want to carve, deeply, pearls. So, i'm looking for big sizes, not spherical but without bead, or the smallest as possible. It seems that the real keshi...